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103 # 2176
Production technology and costs for energy willow briquettes and pellets
123 # 2835
Use of straw for energy purposes in the Opole province
126 # 2907
Selected properties of pellets made of grass obtained from home lawn
131 # 3084
Assessments of bulk density and energy consumption of pellets production in a pellet machine with two-side flat press
136 # 3178
Assessmnet of quality properties of plant biomass pellets
137 # 3214
Evaluation of pellets quality made of the selected plant materials
139 # 3263
Fodders pelleting in the working system with the flat matrix – pellets`s moulding in the hole – part I
141 # 3334
Construction of a mixing-densifying-dosing system of a palletizer for plant materials
142 # 3390
Technical and technology conditions of plant biomass pellets for energy purposes
143 # 3385
Impact of soaking heat of pine tree sawdust on their selected physical and mechanical properties
143 # 3384
Physical and mechanical properties of pellets made of pine tree sawdust with addition of deciduous tree sawdust
143 # 3370
The analysis of the selected quality properties of pellets made of plant raw materials
145 # 3412
Possibilities of use of the pellets made of wheat and barley straw on the heat energy market
146 # 3462
Selected physical and mechanical properties of pellets depending on the composition and temperature of their storing
147 # 3506
Analysis of wheat straw pelleting process and the legitimacy of adding bran on the example of the selected production establishment
150 # 3568
Assessmentof energy consumption of pellets and briquettes production in compressing devices
153 # 3647
Impact of diameter of pressing channels and moisture on parameters of pelleting process of virginia mallow biomass
154 # 3650
The requirement for new biomass pelletizing test device
155 # 3676
Energy properties of pellet as a renewable energy source of the future
156 # 3691
Comparison of pollutant emission indicators during virginia mallow pellets and wood pellets combustion – a case study
63 # 1341
Mathematical model for the assessments of granulate kinetic strength
68 # 1371
Adequacy of the mathematical model and the models based on artificial neural networks to evaluating the kinetic strength of feed pellets
71 # 1420
Effect of frying process on physical properties of potato pellets
78 # 70
Modelling of multi-component poultry shares using a harmonic function
80 # 176
Impact of matrix parameters on granulation effectiveness of wheat and rapeseed mixtures
81 # 207
Qualitaty models analysis neural networks on the example of the pellet quality
87 # 397
Assessment of the effect of granulated feed mix composition on granule kinetic strength
97 # 1977
Straw briquettes / pellets in power industry
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