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100 # 2089
Constructional and operational guidelines for systems using a heat pump to heat horticultural objects
100 # 2073
Methods applied to determine indoor temperature in buildings for livestock
102 # 2129
Comparative analysis of functionality and usability of selected types of milking apparatuses in the case of simultaneous and alternating milking
102 # 2140
Study of the pressure parameters in selected modern milking apparatuses
102 # 2141
The effects of the pulsation system and collector capacity on pressure parameters in the under-teat chamber
103 # 2182
Analysis regarding dynamic parameters of pulsators in the conditions of simulated mechanical milking
103 # 2219
The effect of connection milk claw with teat liner on the milking parameters
103 # 2223
The impact of working parameters of multifunctional cultivation and maintenance tool on service loads
105 # 2286
Computer program for the determination of the traction parameters of the drive wheels
107 # 2300
Indexes that characterise farm tractors suitability for operation in mountainous terrains
114 # 2504
Analysis of pressure conditions in a milking machine using teat rubbers with different cross-sections in stem sections
114 # 2503
Automatic valuation of the spraying quality on the basis of drops traces using the computer image analysis
114 # 2485
Energy parameters and the ecological aspect of engine powering by mineral fuel derived from vegetables
115 # 2561
Operation quality analysis for potato cleaning roller separator
115 # 2565
The system for controlling factors determining growth of plants in a greenhouse
117 # 2578
Assessment of energy parameters for John Deere 6820 farm tractor carried out using on-board diagnostics
119 # 2684
Geometric parameters of modern teat rubbers during interaction with teat
119 # 2685
The impact of teat rubber core part on teat massage intensity
120 # 2720
Testing a cylinder cleaning separator in process mixture separation conditions during potato tuber sorting process
120 # 2694
Vacuum fluctuations in milking apparatuses possessing teat rubbers with square, triangular or oval core section profiles
121 # 2752
The impact of the size of shredded wheat particles on compac-tion process parameters
122 # 2778
Impact of humidity on physical and geometrical properties of slavic varieties of rye grains
122 # 2794
Proposals for the modernisation of control systems being used in mushroom-growing cellars
126 # 2926
The influence of pine and poplar wood chips humidity on briquetting parameters
129 # 2940
The impact of pressure exerted by the grain mass stored in a silo on changes in geometrical parameters of wheat
129 # 2967
The impact of spraying parameters on sprayed objects coverage degree for a selected double stream atomiser
132 # 3098
Dependencies of elasticity changes and geometric parameters on tension force of teat rubbers used for milking
132 # 3107
Quality assessment for briquettes made of biomass from maple [Acer Negundo L.] and black locust [ Robinia Pseudoacacia L.]
133 # 3043
Analysis of adjustment of modern teat gums to the size of cow teats
133 # 3054
Influence of disturbance in vacuum installation of milking machine on the parameters of selected pulsators
133 # 3024
Influence of soil moisture on its compaction by a tractor wheel
133 # 3042
Oscillation of negative pressure in milking units with the lowered system negative pressure in herringbone milking parlours
135 # 3150
Morphological and agrophysical factors of buckwheat combine harvesting
136 # 3184
Comparison of a coverage degree of facilities sprayed with the selected air induction sprayer – one and two–stream sprayers
141 # 3335
A concept of construction of the stand for testing compressed air parameters
141 # 3341
Effect of rheological properties of the selected food liquids on the mixing power with the use of various mixers
143 # 3366
Operational effectiveness of engine fed with the rape seed oil
146 # 3453
A method of computer aid for calculating pressure parameters of mechanical milking and pressures that massage a teat
146 # 3465
Resistance of the selected milking machines to oscillation of negative pressure in the pipe milking machine installation
147 # 3506
Analysis of wheat straw pelleting process and the legitimacy of adding bran on the example of the selected production establishment
149 # 3552
Spray application quality as affected by spray volume, nozzles and phenological growth stage of apples
16 # 769
Effect of material temperature on densification parameters of leguminous seeds
19 # 1009
Changes of some parameters of the heated air flowing out from perforated duct
19 # 994
Possibilities of calibrating an electro-kinetic splash metering device
21 # 486
Parameters of machine milking as affected by the quantity of air sucked in around the teat
21 # 514
Stability of vacuum pressure in a milking machine as affected by liquid filling of the milking piping
31 # 1674
Application of computer technology to measuring and calculating vacuum and flow milking parameters - AKW system and GrafAKW program
33 # 645
Analysis of milking parameters for difference tension force of iiners
33 # 692
Errors in calculation of selected parameters of air treated as a drying agent using humidity meter with a psychometric sensor
53 # 590
System of monitoring environmental parameters in a plastic tunnel
53 # 588
Use of the computer measuring card in the study in traction parameters of deformable grounds
60 # 1579
Influence of the solution initial concentration on the overall heat-transfer coefficient in an evaporator with a rising fluid film
60 # 1561
The effects of material bulk and chamber diameter of parameters of wheat-grain thickening
63 # 1326
Evaluation of traction parameters of forest roads with various surface
64 # 723
Dependence of the technical conditions of the tpc system defined by diagnostic parameters and exhaust gas emimssion exampled by "Polonez" vehicle
66 # 1316
Analysis of the impact of asymmetric loads of rural subscribers on the quality of electric power in lv lines
66 # 1307
Simulation of negative pressure control in milking machine using fussy logic
66 # 1292
Tendencies of changes in parameters of farm tractors
67 # 926
Effect of chamber parameters and material weight on densification of lupine seeds
68 # 1408
The effect of image resolution and compression on measurement error of cereal grain geometry and colour
70 # 1208
Comparison of methods used to reconstruct continuous process time runs
70 # 1185
Determination of optimum conditions for drying up partially withered green forage
74 # 1234
Parametric model of solar collector battery
77 # 2
Computer systems for cow herd management
78 # 74
Impact of chamber size and mass of material on field bean (vicia faba ssp. minor) grains densification
78 # 53
Multicriteria method of evaluation of functioning parameters of selected milking units
79 # 97
The comparison of the most important parameters of milking during simultaneous and alternate pulsation
79 # 128
The effect of vacuum tank on basic vacuum parameters of a milking unit
80 # 176
Impact of matrix parameters on granulation effectiveness of wheat and rapeseed mixtures
81 # 182
Impact of chamber diameter and sample weight on densification of extracted rape meal
81 # 190
The influence of chosen working parameters of cutter on process of cutting sweet corn kernel
82 # 235
Changes in the texture of the processed meat products stored in modified atmosphere
82 # 261
Texture parametrs of non-glutene sponge cake with addition of chosen raising agents
86 # 297
ethod of Forecasting technical parameter values of state--of-the-art farm machines. Part No I. Forecasting technique for farm tractor parameters
86 # 298
Method of Forecasting technical parameter values of state-of-the-art farm machines. Part II. Neural models for setting out farm tractor parameters
87 # 371
Multicriteria method of functional evaluation and milking units selection
90 # 1771
Determining the value of basic technical parameters for modern harvester combines with the use of ANN
90 # 1772
The comparison of methods of determining the objective function while selecting mineral fertilizer spreaders
90 # 1803
The measurement methods of the wheel motion parameters with support information technics
91 # 1744
Analysis of energy parameters of tractor Ursus 1134
93 # 1813
Selected properties of meat products stored in modified atmosphere of the different concentration of carbon dioxide and nitrogen
93 # 1846
The influence of equipment-process parameters on values of compacting pressures in the feed granulating process
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