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10 # 1510
Organization of milk transport to dairy plants using the time window theory
100 # 2103
Attempt to evaluate the sustainability of agricultural production processes
103 # 2205
Material and energetic expenses as sustainable agricultural production factor
145 # 3424
Innovativeness in technologies and agricultural technique
148 # 3526
Parity family income in family farms of diverse areas
152 # 3617
Intensity of production organization compared to the work factor in family farms
154 # 3662
Lean Manufacturing tools implementation and its impact on the company’s operation improvement
28 # 1593
Conditions necessary to secure efficient functioning of land reclamation systems
31 # 1684
Computer supporting system establishing of class quality of raw milk from purchase in connection with base of tradesmans
36 # 1080
Conditionings of initiative on areas covered by legal forms of protection (on example of the Bieszczady district)
36 # 1077
Organizational changes in National Forestes versus housing needs in Forestries - Złoty Potok example
45 Tom I # 1119
Indicators of infrastructural organization and multifunctional development of rural mountain areas. Metodical approach
45 Tom II # 1134
Multifunctional rural development in market offer
52 # 785
Influence of changes in technical and organizational solutions upon a machine's work quality
86 # 293
Scientific and organizational achievement of domestic agricultural engineering centers in the years 2000–2005
86 # 339
The economic profitability analisis of the raps biofuels production on the example of the Jawrol instalation
88 # 455
Power and material outlays in the aspect of well-balanced farm production
99 # 2045
Operation efficiency of a set of self-propelled machines for timber acquisition on the example of Gidle Forest District Office
99 # 2069
Production organisation at dispatch-handling timber yard, which additionally manufactures simple wood products
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