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10 # 1494
Cost and effectiveness of mechanization in field cultivation of vegetables
103 # 2222
Comparison of work quality for belt drill and cupfeed drill during onion seed sowing
108 # 2347
Analysis of the work quality of the belt seeder during the onion seeds sowing
118 # 2622
Mathematical model of rehydration kinetics for dried vegetables
153 # 3636
A modern method of obtaining organic seeds of onion and radish
19 # 1010
Effect of blanching, drying and rehydration on changes in onion dry matter content
28 # 1588
Tourist facilities as element formalizing the environment of protected areas
31 # 1677
Model of dry substance decreases in process of onion heat treatment
36 # 1080
Conditionings of initiative on areas covered by legal forms of protection (on example of the Bieszczady district)
80 # 139
Heterogeneity of mechanical properties of onion
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