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100 # 2099
The effects of fertilization and bean density on plant growth
108 # 2349
Relation between distribution of potatoes under shrub and the number, structure and mass of tubers
123 # 2838
Psychochemical and utility properties of B50 biofuels composed in summer and winter versions for the purpose of supplying power to agricultural vehicles
136 # 3154
Selection of criteria of the quality assessment of agricultural machines with the method of features correlation
141 # 3331
Impact of the storage temperature and time on the selected quality properties of rapeseed, linseed and cameline seed oil
16 # 780
Study on physical properties of the flours from various plant materials
53 # 604
Effects of the machines running gears on soil
67 # 922
Reproducing the progress of continuous processes, based on discrete measurement values
70 # 1208
Comparison of methods used to reconstruct continuous process time runs
71 # 1424
Technological value of wheat grain dried by low-temperature method
82 # 240
The number of replications in estimation of contrasts in an experiment with the module of apple flesh elasticity
86 # 292
Status and development of scientific staff in agricultural engineering centers in Poland in the years 2000 to 2005
88 # 423
Attempt to use Bernal–Mason's method to determine a number of contact points in plant beds of granular materials
91 # 1750
Dilution of the mycorrhiza mycelium produced by Mykoflor company
91 # 1756
Means of mechanization in polish agriculture on the background of selected European Union countries
93 # 1825
A Method of measurement of number of contact points between seeds
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