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10 # 1498
Methodical aspects of energetic value determination of different tree species grown on the mountain pastures
10 # 1497
Scientific-technical progress and its effectiveness versus labour consumption in agricultural production on the mountain farms
103 # 2190
Labour intensity of forest work in selected habitat types in the mountains
107 # 2300
Indexes that characterise farm tractors suitability for operation in mountainous terrains
123 # 2802
Cultivation of the Common Osier in mountainous conditions
19 # 1020
Usefulness of selectad forest tree species in integrated utilizat of the mountain pastures
28 # 1601
Investigation of multi stage, on-site wetland type wastewater treatment plant located in mountain farm at Muszynka
36 # 1044
Analysis of the environment natural condition and select elements of in frastructure sanitation in mountainous of a healt resort populace the rabbles in Poland
45 Tom I # 1091
Determination of soil-water erosion in mountain basin with agricultural land use
45 Tom II # 1142
The influence of the preliminary sprinkling bed on the mountain house-hold wastewater treatment plant efficiency
45 Tom II # 1131
Water quality in mountain streams and its possible utilisation for rural community needs
52 # 815
Crop of corn straw and its energetic potential in mountainous areas following the example of Beskid Żywiecki
66 # 1296
Various aspects of planting basket willow in mountain conditions
70 # 1198
Influence of chosen habitable agent's on planting tendril willow Salix Viminalis in mountain conditions
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