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102 # 2116
Agroengineering calls for new challenges
118 # 2644
Using the ZigBee protocol for signal transmission in a dispersed measuring system
129 # 2950
Using the satellite GPS system for monitoring work parameters of vehicles and machines in agriculture
132 # 3110
Measurements of operating parameters for tractors in forest nurseries carried out using the GPS system
134 # 3127
Application of the GPS monitoring system in effective management of agricultural vehicles operation
147 # 3493
Analysis of available databases in the context of air pollution monitoring from agricultural production
18 # 1522
The use of TV transmission as a method of monitoring farm machines' components
2 # 536
Experience of the EPA and BAAP projects in building manure pits on the farms
51 # 1617
Environment-friendly progress
53 # 583
Analysis of lying area surfaces for dairy cows using technical systems with film monitoring
53 # 590
System of monitoring environmental parameters in a plastic tunnel
61 # 1164
Monitoring handling of potatoes by pressure measuring sphare (PMS-60)
62 # 698
Yield monitoring and mapping methods for green maize harvesting with the trailed forage harvester
62 # 701
Yield monitoring of grass based on plant material layer thickness measured between the rear feeding rolls of the trailed forage harveste
68 # 1363
Electronic-information system for monitoring, steering and management in poultry production and breeding
69 # 871
Measuring equipment supervision in daires in the quality management process
70 # 1192
Improvement of dairy cows service using video-computer systems with film monitoring
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