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1 # 979
Usability of mathematical models of vegetable convection drying for automatic control of drying process
10 # 1505
An attempt to formalize the description of microclimate formation system in buildings for cattle
10 # 1508
Modelling of gaseous emission in the livestock buildings
10 # 1487
Prognostics of qualitative and energetic indices of potato harvester operation
100 # 2075
Modelling of CCM technology production
100 # 2100
The use of the computer application TRACE for the evaluation of mobile object identification
102 # 2157
Estimation of renewable resources based on a geographic information system (GIS)
103 # 2209
Displacement distributions in mechanical model of carrot roots crosssection
103 # 2210
Izochromtic pattern distributions in carrot root’s crosssection model for different cohesion force between core and bark layer
104 # 2255
Assessment technique and statistic modelling of the degree of potato damage caused by Colorado beetle
105 # 2279
An attempt to determine time for agrotechnical measures at energy willow plantations using mathematical models and neural networks
105 # 2267
Application of the Gompertz model in agricultural engineering
105 # 2281
Modelling of functional statuses in the language of Bayesian networks
105 # 2261
Modelling of the system applied to assess working conditions for control room operators
105 # 2259
The computer simulation of the soil strength parameters on the basis of the Janosi-Hanamato and the Coulomb-Mohr models
106 # 2227
Simulation of agriculture machine dynamic behavior including stability criterion for motion safety needs
107 # 2319
Adaptation of square function to the description of changes in granular mix quality
107 # 2320
Internet system supporting management of agricultural services
107 # 2332
Using of structural models to forecast rural consumers’ demand for natural gas
107 # 2317
Using of the Mamdani models to predict daily loads of rural power networks
108 # 2368
Modelling of air flow in ventilation ducts of shroom-growing cellar
108 # 2365
Regression modelling of the process involving wheat seed humidity change during storage
109 # 2393
Neural model of changes in water content in willow chips during convection drying
109 # 2394
Neural model of temperature changes during convection drying of energy willow chips
110 # 2451
Using the Takagi–Sugeno models for short-term forecasting of rural consumers’ demand for electric energy
111 # 2464
Fluid motion in Whirlpoll whirl tank
114 # 2511
Expenditure of labour and tractive force in energy willow plantations
114 # 2505
Fuzzy models of power demand for the purposes of short-term predicting of electric energy consumption in the country. Part I. Algorithms used to determine fuzzy models
114 # 2506
Fuzzy models of power demand for the purposes of short-term predicting of electric energy consumption in the country. Part II. Development of predictive relationship models
114 # 2515
Implementation of mathematical model of loads for trailer used in livestock animal transport
114 # 2501
Uncertainty in representing spatial phenomena
115 # 2557
Identification of the relaxation spectrum by moment method approach: conceptual idea
115 # 2558
Identification of the relaxation spectrum by moment method approach: theoretical properties and application
115 # 2539
Results of the research on efficiency of mixture separation in a circulating trieur with conical working surface. Stage I. Separator with working surface rotating about its own axis
115 # 2534
The impact of selected factors on friction coefficient values for shredded miscanthus giganteus sprouts
115 # 2560
The modelling of complex production system – relation model of fruit farm
115 # 2528
The use of remotely controlled flying models in agricultural engineering
115 # 2527
Using regression model to predict technical condition of plough swivel mechanism
117 # 2600
Computer model of microclimate control system in apple storehouse
117 # 2592
On the optimal control of temperature and CO2 concentration in greenhouse
118 # 2605
Analysis of springtine cultivator surface layer stresses distribution control possibility after shot peening process in fatigue strength aspect
118 # 2622
Mathematical model of rehydration kinetics for dried vegetables
118 # 2627
Matlab and Scilab as the tools for modelling rheological properties
118 # 2615
Modelling of potato tuber temperature rise during its microwave heating
118 # 2628
Modelling rheological properties of livestock meat in matlab environment
118 # 2642
Optimal control of temperature and carbon dioxide concentration in selected greenhouse climate process
118 # 2629
Predicting cultivator tine fatigue strength using numerical methods
118 # 2617
Using the Matlab® application to model negative pressure in milking machine
119 # 2679
Modelling of storage tank controller in milking installation
121 # 2757
Ecological and operating aspects in the process of machinery and equipment use, and renovation. The concept of a model system for regeneration of parts and renovation of replaceable units in farm machines in the aspect of environment protection (part II)
122 # 2771
Computer modelling and simulation of the frequency of pulsations in the milking apparatus
123 # 2837
Modelling of technological processes occurring in mushroom-growing cellars: heat and mass exchange model
123 # 2804
SSN model for determination of the force destroying the walnut cover
123 # 2815
Subatmospheric pressure control in an autonomous milking apparatus
124 # 2851
Growth curve functions in modeling the thin-layer drying of corn
124 # 2854
Guidelines for micro- and mesoscale computer modelling of fluid in flows in the soil-root system
125 # 2881
A model of topinambour cultivation for fuel purposes
125 # 2882
Comparison of global optimization algorithms in inverse modeling of drying processes of agricultural products
125 # 2888
Exploratory analysis and modeling of extrusion-cooking process of precooked wholewheat pasta products
125 # 2887
Information system for acquiring data on geometry of agricultural products exemplified by a corn kernel
125 # 2891
The use of stochastic programming models for optimizing the structure of production in farms of various size
125 # 2890
Validation of the ZeaSoft decision support system – yield models
126 # 2915
Basic rules of agricultural production process modelling
126 # 2919
The model of energy value assessment for topinambour grown for fuel
130 # 3003
Identification of attributes as a stage of modelling ergonomic evaluation of workstations
131 # 3092
3D reconstruction method of seeds in CAD application
131 # 3090
Application of fuzzy sets in microclimate control in agricultural buildings
131 # 3073
Application of fuzzy sets in modern milking techniques
131 # 3087
Application of the Fluent programme for modelling of thermodynamic processes in the climatic chamber
131 # 3064
Decision process modelling in the integrated agricultural production system
131 # 3066
Self-organizing fuzzy modelling with data clustering methods
131 # 3089
Structure of an application programme for simulation of water flow through a two-dimensional porous medium
134 # 3133
Analysis of factors in the decision process of purchasing farm tractors
136 # 3182
Analysis of avocado dried fruit elasticity
137 # 3227
Farm models as data source for the optimization of energy crop production in the commune
137 # 3194
Rheological properties of fruit of the selected cultivars of plum
137 # 3228
Validation of the decision support system ZeaSoft – fertilization module
138 # 3229
Application of 3D scanner for monitoring the food shape on the example of a bread roll
138 # 3254
Fluid flow simulation in a whirlpool tank of multi-point inflow
139 # 3300
Downy mildew development model (Pseudoperonospora humuli) – internet application
139 # 3297
Possibilities for application of aerial photographs of low altitude as photo interpretation data for assessment of grasslands
140 # 3307
Materials and commodity flows in farms from the aspect of production simplification
143 # 3368
Comparison of the carbon black and nitric oxide emission in the diesel and rapeseed engine by means of modeling in AFL Fire programme
143 # 3365
Modeling of fuel injection into the combustion chamber in a compression ignition engine with AVL Fire
143 # 3386
Modelling of temperature field in the ground with the use of spreadsheet
143 # 3376
The method of mathematical modeling of the triticale grain shape with Bézier surface patches
144 # 3391
Modelling electric energy and heat transfer in small autonomous solar systems
145 # 3421
Data preprocessing effect on the quality of short-term forecast of electricity demand
145 # 3420
State of knowledge concerning modelling of anaerobic fermentation processes
146 # 3453
A method of computer aid for calculating pressure parameters of mechanical milking and pressures that massage a teat
146 # 3465
Resistance of the selected milking machines to oscillation of negative pressure in the pipe milking machine installation
147 # 3508
Analysis and modelling of under pressure oscillations in the milking apparatus in relation to the volume changes of the milk chamber of a collector
147 # 3510
Technological and organizational aspects of combining agricultural production for food and energy
148 # 3515
Mathematical description of technological process for primary fish processing
149 # 3536
Computational Fluid Dynamics CFD as an innovative tool for stimulating the smoke drying process and for modeling the construction elements of a smoke-drying chamber
149 # 3548
Heat and mass exchange model in the air inside a greenhouse
150 # 3562
Model solutions of distribution logistics with regard to organic products
151 # 3602
Application reporting yield forecasts of selected crops in Poland
151 # 3589
Method of mathematical modelling of the surface of the egg shell shape, egg yolk and air chamber of chicken eggs
152 # 3606
Theory of the ploughing mechanism of the sugar beet combine harvester
153 # 3634
A simplified determination of the shape of a sugar beet tap-root
154 # 3657
Optimization of structural and technological parameters of a fermentor for feed heating
19 # 996
Application of artificial neural networks to modelling of grain losses rising in a combine harvester
19 # 1009
Changes of some parameters of the heated air flowing out from perforated duct
19 # 1005
Characteristics of selected farms producing sugar beets and analysis of an agro-technical model applied in production
2 # 544
The significance of tourism values in planning of local strategy development in Orawa region
3 # 1708
An attempt to evaluating the relationships among the elements of multitude-theory model of a piggery ventilation system
3 # 1705
Application of MATLAB programme to modelling the processes in potato stores
3 # 1706
Moddeling of potato clamp using the theory of fuzzy sets
31 # 1667
Farm model in UML notation
31 # 1677
Model of dry substance decreases in process of onion heat treatment
31 # 1663
Object-oriented modelling in creating computer aided system of analysis of drying and storing processes of grain cereals
31 # 1666
The element of cost of potato production in the decision support system for integrated plant protection
33 # 656
Determination of mechanical properties of bedding of cereal grain using uniaxial compression test
33 # 673
Stress distribution in photoelastic model of wheat grain during crussing proces in rolls mili
33 # 672
The pressure drop of air flow aspect in the model of ground heat exchanger
35 # 911
A comparison of the results of modeling the mixing process of homogenous granular components using a stochastic model and the back propagation method in neural networks
35 # 891
An application of photovoltaic generator simulator in evaluation of systems powerde by solar energy
35 # 912
Design methods of future models in agriculture and agricultural engeneering
35 # 902
Modelling estimation of the fertilizer dose on example of winter wheat growing
35 # 908
Modelllng of a flat solar coliectors cover
35 # 886
Object oriented modelling of a computer system for supporting planning of didactic classes
36 # 1069
Empirical model of road construction the country-area
36 # 1066
Short-term forecast of the electric energy selling to consumers in rural communies
45 Tom II # 1155
Determination standards and delays for selected elements of technical rural infrastructure
45 Tom II # 1156
Models of infrastructure development in the contex of economic structure of rural areas
45 Tom II # 1127
The multipartite-notch drop structures used for river training in mountains municipalities
51 # 1639
A genekalized linear model as a tool of testing technical progress
51 # 1627
Kinetics of convective and microwave - convective drying of parsley
51 # 1626
Modelling processed in apple storage facility
51 # 1637
Preparing an agricultural ecosystem balance condition model with the application of walter equations
53 # 582
Partial application of computer based image analysis in modeling seed shapes
60 # 1545
Simulation of fluid rotational motion in a rotational-settling vat
61 # 1161
Relational model of integrated energy system designed for rural habitable building
61 # 1162
Selection criteria of functional assemblies in the consruction aspect of a tetra-pak machine abstract model
61 # 1177
The implementation of grain drying mathematical model in Symuneuron system
62 # 708
Accuracy analysis of the tyre-soil models to the conditions of the loosened light sandy soil
62 # 703
Identification of rock-bed thermal parameters random distribution as a result of probabilistic character of the storage charging process
62 # 711
Neural networks in modeling agricultural engineering processes with limited date file
63 # 1341
Mathematical model for the assessments of granulate kinetic strength
63 # 1336
Modeling process of farm tractor use in Western Pomerania region
63 # 1347
Teconomical risk analysis of rape cultivation
64 # 745
Selected errors of rheological model parameters determination evaluated on the basis of stress relaxation test for potato tubers
66 # 1295
Assaying porosity of seed beds using computer-aided analysis of image
66 # 1280
Mathematical model of the integrated energy system designed for rural habitable building
66 # 1279
The model of an associated energy source in food processing industry
67 # 958
An example of the use of a neural network to model a mixing process of granular systems
67 # 957
Comparison of applicability of selected fussy models for predicting electric energy demand in rural areas
67 # 951
Computer modelling and simulation test of agricultural machines virtual models on the example of Campbell roller
67 # 932
Computer system assisting identification of random distribution of the thermal parameters of stone regenerator
67 # 945
Wheat kernel elastooptical investigation in the elasticity range of deformation
68 # 1371
Adequacy of the mathematical model and the models based on artificial neural networks to evaluating the kinetic strength of feed pellets
68 # 1400
Application of computer technique to modeling and simulation of selected operations in forage harvester
68 # 1368
Application of modelling techniques in ergonomic diagnostics methods of the operator – machine – material environment system
68 # 1361
Comparison of the GRNN models developed by using neural network moduli of the MATLAB and STATISTICA packets
68 # 1390
Filling the grain silo by means a rotary chute. Part 2. Model verification
68 # 1389
Filling the grain silo by means of a rotary chute. Part 1. Modeling of the process
68 # 1388
Identification of rock-bed thermal parameters random distribution as a result of probabilistic character of the heat storage charging process
68 # 1405
Prediction of solar radiation sums for solar energy conversion systems
68 # 1362
Simulation model of the changes in temperature fields in a grain silo
68 # 1385
Transport of the animals against a background of the EU legal regulations
69 # 836
Evolution of vegetable cell size in bioreactor
69 # 835
Integron – as model of grinder constructions
69 # 842
Mass motion in model gels and apples dehydrated by osmosis, frozen and stored
7 # 1716
Application of the "AgroEfekt" programme for modelling hop cultivation technology
7 # 1727
Correction of systematic errors occuring in stress relaxtion test of plant origin materials
7 # 1731
Forecating the epidemic of cereal rust by computer simulation
7 # 1726
Modelling of dynamics and motion simulation of T273/2 Tur 5 loader
7 # 1721
Spatial information system on Polish agricultural resources
70 # 1196
Modeling the outflow milk from cows teat in aspect of milking unit automation
70 # 1187
Predicting of combine harvester transmission unit mechanical state using the regression model
71 # 1426
Modeling of the flow in bio-reactor
74 # 1268
A scheme for identification of time-dependent Poisson’s ratio of viscoelastic plant materials with the Kelvin model
74 # 1261
Analysing models using in designing and verification of the construction of agricultural rollers of 9, 12 and 15 m width
74 # 1270
Application of Bayesian model to evaluation of bean growthchanges (Phasoleum vulgaris)
74 # 1245
Application of the "Experiment planner" computer program to the process identification for discrimination of components in bulbs and stones mixture
74 # 1238
Calculations of moment of inertia of agricultural machines
74 # 1259
Design of the didactic server module for the subject of ergonomics
74 # 1228
Model of a system generating and utilizing renewable energetic carriers of agricultural origin. Part 1. Model of a relational system
74 # 1229
Model of a system generating and utilizing renewable energetic carriers of agricultural origin. Part 2. Mathematical and simulated model of a system generating and utilizing renewable energy carriers
74 # 1260
Modern methods of agricultural machine designing and veryfication
74 # 1234
Parametric model of solar collector battery
74 # 1264
Simulation of the motion of the fertilizer particles on disc spreader
74 # 1231
The symulation model of composting in biostabilizer DANO
74 # 1273
The use of a neural network in modeling of a two-component granular systems’ mixing
74 # 1275
ZEASOFT – Decision support system for maize cultivation
77 # 16
A model for the determination of the wheel resistance force results from the tyre deformation in the soil
77 # 15
A model for the determination of the wheel resistance forces
77 # 5
Application of modeling, computer simulation and validation method in the new agricultural machine implementation
77 # 20
Investigation on estimating energetistic parameters of earthworms
77 # 33
The dicriterial optimization of the grain cleaning on a canopy sieve
78 # 59
Research Methodology of Tractor Aggregate Functioning Process in aspect of improving its work effectiveness
78 # 60
The Method of Creating a Replacing Cycle of the Engine Load in Farm Vehicles the Example on the Farm Tractor U 912
79 # 98
Models of back flow in a short milk tube of the cluster working during simultaneous and alternate pulsation
8 # 1023
Mathematical model of seed germination process
8 # 1033
Modelling of the kinetics of pumpkin dehydration
80 # 161
Experiment of increasing effectiveness of phosphorus removal in a model of wastewater treatment plant
80 # 142
Impact of share lifter on sugar beet root
80 # 140
Modelling of movement trajectory and analysis of accuracy of agrorobot positioning
81 # 211
A statistical analysis of the wayside measurement point localisation influence on the concetration of selected heavy metals ions in soil
81 # 200
Mathematical model of manure pellet movement after leasing the scattering disk
81 # 203
Mathematical modelling of thermal degradation of l-ascorbic acid during convection drying of leek
81 # 191
Modelling of the oxygen decomposition process of silage
81 # 207
Qualitaty models analysis neural networks on the example of the pellet quality
82 # 285
Corrosive-cum-mechanical wear. Proces calculation model
82 # 253
Influence of the shape of the connection of side surface and the bottom surface on creation of a silting swirl in a settling-whirl vault
86 # 343
Application of fuzzy relational models for prediction of monthly saleof electric energy to rural consumers
86 # 295
Impact of kinematic characteristics of grip movement on accuracy of agrorobot positioning
86 # 299
Impact of kinematic characteristics of grip movement on positions, speeds and accelerations of agrorobot cells
86 # 328
Implementation technology of real estate management and turnover system
86 # 298
Method of Forecasting technical parameter values of state-of-the-art farm machines. Part II. Neural models for setting out farm tractor parameters
86 # 338
Run simulation for the tractor - potato planter farm unit
87 # 410
Advantages of models for heat production and losses from animal body, used to design ventilation systems in pigsties
87 # 383
Application of Bayesian networks in modeling of agricultural production process
87 # 365
Applying a decision-making model in agricultural machinery operation
87 # 379
Dynamic bayesian networks as knowledge representation system
87 # 407
Linguistic model of processes taking place in a greenhouse
87 # 402
Mathematical modelling of drying process in a fixed bed. Part 1. Mathematical model
87 # 403
Mathematical modelling of drying process in a fixed bed. Part 2. Model verification
87 # 347
Modelling of operation process for engineering facilities using dynamic Bayesian networks
87 # 363
Models of vegetable granular structures
87 # 390
Neural models for wearing of working elements in soil
87 # 394
Steerability of a farm unit: tractor - potato planter
88 # 461
Analysis of celery hardness during drying process
88 # 463
Application of fuzzy modeling for description of deformations during convection drying
88 # 452
Information System Applied in the process of Management in sugar-beet production
88 # 462
Modeling drying shrinkage for selected root vegetables using neural networks
88 # 457
Position for computer analysis of quality of agricultural and food products
89 # 1471
Modelowanie zintegrowanych systemów ogrzewania na obszarach wiejskich
90 # 1789
Model of optimized method of making a choice between purchasing a machine and custom service
90 # 1797
Object modeling in the process of creating an informatics system supporting the researching designing of stone heat regenerators
90 # 1793
Prognose of the content of the sugar in roots of sugar-beet with utilization of the techniques regression and neural
90 # 1764
Simulation model for prediction of the selected parameters of the towed wheels
93 # 1838
A suitability assessment of selected apple varieties for osmotic dehydration
94 # 1886
Data modeling in a process of mapping empirical systems of agricultural engineering onto information systems
96 # 1956
Information system supporting students’ knowledge verification, which uses the SQL SERVER 2005 objects
96 # 1968
Theoretical and actual liquid distribution for selected atomiser setting parameters
97 # 2006
Modelling problems for processes in potato store
98 # 1932
The microwave-vacuum drying model for fruit and vegetables
99 # 2017
Development of the "machine – soil" rheological model
99 # 2043
Mathematical model for effective power of a flywheel cutting unit equipped with elements supporting plant shredding process
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