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100 # 2084
Study of the process of mixing a mulicomponent granular mixture depending on the component feeding method
102 # 2135
Uniformity of mixing biological plant protection agents in a sprayer tank
104 # 2254
Assessment of heterogeneous blend with biomass using computer image acquisition
104 # 2257
Limitating of bird fodder mixtures segregation during multi-point container filling
104 # 2246
Regression analysis of quality changes in granular blend during mixing using the pouring method
105 # 2273
Using neural networks (fbm) for modelling of the process involving mixing of two-component granular systems
109 # 2395
Examination of progress in the process of mixing binary granular pattern using the chimney pour out method
110 # 2434
Analysis regarding the use of roof shaped inserts for mixing of granular components
110 # 2419
Mixing efficiency for biological plant pesticides in spraying machine tank
117 # 2582
Using the cone in cone type insert during chimney pouring out
118 # 2633
Computer image analysis in the assessment of mixing uniform granular mixtures
118 # 2626
Roof type elements in pour mixer and quality of granular mixers
124 # 2849
Analysis of the impact of roof shaped elements on the process of multicomponent granular pattern mixing in a flow mixer
132 # 3097
Using neural networks in the process of mixing heterogeneous granular materials
141 # 3346
Investigation of the efficiency of a blade mixer not loaded with variability of the analytical method
145 # 3408
An attempt to determine the influence of mixing time on the amount of impurities in compound feeds
145 # 3407
Analysis of the amount of impurities received in the feed production process with recirculation of ingredients
153 # 3638
Innovations in the structure of plant material pelletizers
16 # 770
Evaluating the possibilities of granular bed application to flowing-mixing of fluids
35 # 911
A comparison of the results of modeling the mixing process of homogenous granular components using a stochastic model and the back propagation method in neural networks
69 # 823
Fluidal mixing in food industry
71 # 1465
Production of instant coffee concetrates in a mixer with paddle agitator
71 # 1466
Quality of grainy mixture as affected by the height of mixing paddles and deeling manner of the components
74 # 1255
Estimating the distribution of a granual molecule mixed using the Funnel-flow system
78 # 57
Evaluation of influence of the mixing wormgear's rotation speed with the vertical working element to the fodder components mixing up degree
78 # 58
Evaluation of influence of time of mixing up to the step of fodder mixing components in the blender with the vertical working element
82 # 280
Energy consumption of the process of mixing loose materials with paddle agitator
86 # 344
Feed mixtures segregation during single-point vessel filled up
87 # 386
Assessment of the effect of using special insert on mixing process of granular systems by the funnel-flow system
88 # 416
Assessment of survivalness of plant protective biological agents: nematodes - Steinernema feltiae sprayed by means of hydraulic nozzle
90 # 1788
Aiding the process of mixing heterogenous grain composite with insert of the Double Cone type
90 # 1787
Computer image analysis in the grain configuration mixing estimation (Funnel-flow system)
94 # 1874
Effect of drum mixer slenderness on the degree of loose material mixing
94 # 1896
The granular material mixing energy in the mixer with vertical worm agitator
96 # 1955
The impact of seed dimensions on mixing process carried out in a flow mixer, using additional supportive elements
99 # 2020
Concentration of biological plant protection agents in wheelbarrow sprayers
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