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117 # 2577
Analysis of changes in the quality of multicomponent granular mixture in an industrial feed mixer
130 # 2989
Analysis of quality changes of multi-component granular mixture during mixing process in industrial feed manufacturing plant
130 # 2991
Determination of the effective mixing duration with recirculation of components for an eleven-component feed mixture
130 # 2990
Estimation of effective mixing time with components recirculation for 10-component feed mixture
132 # 3097
Using neural networks in the process of mixing heterogeneous granular materials
136 # 3172
Analysis of the mixing process of poultry feed at the industrial fodder factory
137 # 3205
Analysis of the stability issue of the worm agitator
137 # 3211
The influence of mixing time and the contents of ingredients on the homogeneity of industrial fodder for the flock
141 # 3346
Investigation of the efficiency of a blade mixer not loaded with variability of the analytical method
19 # 1012
Selection of concentrate feed mixers for feeding pigs
60 # 1540
Influence of paddle mixer structure on crystalline graft distribution netonowskiej fluid of high viscosity
69 # 862
Efficiency of mass penetration for self-sucking mixers
69 # 843
Mixing of granular system as markov’s process
71 # 1466
Quality of grainy mixture as affected by the height of mixing paddles and deeling manner of the components
74 # 1273
The use of a neural network in modeling of a two-component granular systems’ mixing
82 # 229
Analysis of the influence of the operating parameters on the softening of honey crystallized in P-10 device
82 # 280
Energy consumption of the process of mixing loose materials with paddle agitator
87 # 377
Optimization of the process involving preparation of multi-component feed for pigeons in an upright mixer with worm agitator
94 # 1874
Effect of drum mixer slenderness on the degree of loose material mixing
94 # 1896
The granular material mixing energy in the mixer with vertical worm agitator
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