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103 # 2199
The impact of cultivation system, irrigation and mineral fertilization on biometrics of self-terminating and conventional horse bean morphotype
109 # 2410
Compliance assessment for application maps and maps showing registered doses in spatially changing mineral fertilization
126 # 2928
Verification of mineral ingredients content in feed mixes
132 # 3114
Effect of spatially variable top dressing on wheat grain quality and mineral nitrogen content in soil
139 # 3283
Influence of mineral fertilizer and compost on yield and chemical composition with willow
152 # 3616
Response of the selected varieties of common osier (Salix Viminals) to organic and mineral fertilization in light soil
33 # 640
Influence of drip irrigation and minerał fertiiization on the yield of two strawberry cultivars
33 # 666
Influence of drip irrigation and minerał fertilization on the yield of ground tomato
33 # 667
Influence of irrigation and minerał fertiiization on the yield and nutritional value of white lupine seeds
33 # 668
Reaction of dwarf bean to drip irrigation and minerał fertiiization
33 # 636
Regional distribution of legume crops in Western Pomerania
36 # 1059
Mineral water intakes on the Grajcarek stream basin
64 # 728
Changes of chemical and biological properties of a sandy soil caused by irrigation and mineral fertilization of peach trees
64 # 719
Changes of chemical composition of soil of a potato field induced by sprinkling and mineral fertilisation
66 # 1276
The question of optimization of row types machines to fertilization mineral
74 # 1235
Software supporting mineral fertilization "NAWOZY 2"
86 # 300
Determining multicriterion objective function when selecting mineral fertilizer distributors
88 # 456
Assumptions of the new selection method of agricultural machines
90 # 1805
Methodological aspects of creating application maps for a localized fertilization
90 # 1772
The comparison of methods of determining the objective function while selecting mineral fertilizer spreaders
93 # 1848
The mineral elements in processed food of marine origin
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