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10 # 1509
Milk outflows from a cow teat at different vacuum level
10 # 1510
Organization of milk transport to dairy plants using the time window theory
100 # 2082
Analysis of the variability of bucket milking machine reliability indices in the aspect of the periodical technical maintenance
102 # 2129
Comparative analysis of functionality and usability of selected types of milking apparatuses in the case of simultaneous and alternating milking
102 # 2158
Functional analysis of the new quarter milking cluster
102 # 2160
Modelling of the relation of liquid mass stream and absolute pressure in a milking apparatus
102 # 2140
Study of the pressure parameters in selected modern milking apparatuses
103 # 2206
Analysis of the impact of disturbances on selected milking parameters in a pipeline milking machine
103 # 2182
Analysis regarding dynamic parameters of pulsators in the conditions of simulated mechanical milking
103 # 2174
Computer methods applied to support milk cow herd management
103 # 2219
The effect of connection milk claw with teat liner on the milking parameters
107 # 2307
Representation of pulsation trajectory using artificial intelligence methods
107 # 2299
The impact of barn microclimate on milking capacity of cows
109 # 2390
Analysis of milkers’ work load in milk cow farm
109 # 2389
Ergonomic assessment of sound and light intensity at milkers’ work station
109 # 2388
Ergonomic assessment of thermal comfort in milking room at a milk cow farm
111 # 2468
The impact of raw material composition on textural haracteristics of milk chocolates
114 # 2497
Analysis of compliance with the EU directives concerning requirements set for dairy farms
114 # 2504
Analysis of pressure conditions in a milking machine using teat rubbers with different cross-sections in stem sections
114 # 2489
Evaluation of milk cooling systems as equipment in farms
114 # 2494
Milking control based on process model
114 # 2500
Proportioning process accuracy on the example of kefir filling line
114 # 2488
The issues of cattle breeding in cow sheds without thermal insulation
115 # 2526
Ventilation in cowsheds without thermal insulation
118 # 2617
Using the Matlab® application to model negative pressure in milking machine
119 # 2667
Assessment of installation and operation of milk cooling equipment
119 # 2684
Geometric parameters of modern teat rubbers during interaction with teat
119 # 2680
Microprocessor control system for the pulsation of machined cow milking
119 # 2679
Modelling of storage tank controller in milking installation
119 # 2685
The impact of teat rubber core part on teat massage intensity
120 # 2719
Analysis of selected parameters of simulated machined milking for alternate and simultaneous pulsation, using milking apparatuses with unconventional profiles of teat rubber core sections
120 # 2725
Efficiency of using a milking robot for cows
120 # 2711
Methodic aspects of determining durations, disturbance size, and their impact on milking quality in pipeline milking machine
120 # 2723
The impact of cow herd size and technical equipment in selected dairy agricultural systems on raw milk hygienic quality
120 # 2724
The impact of teat rubber core part cross-section on progress of cow milking process
120 # 2694
Vacuum fluctuations in milking apparatuses possessing teat rubbers with square, triangular or oval core section profiles
121 # 2751
Total and irregular negative pressure fluctuations in selected points of pipeline milker installation
122 # 2771
Computer modelling and simulation of the frequency of pulsations in the milking apparatus
122 # 2791
Development of visualisation systems in the automation of milking of cows
122 # 2777
Impact of the course of mechanical milking of cows on the content of body cells in milk with the variable tension strength of teat rubbers in the teat cup
122 # 2770
Research station for mechanical milking of cows
123 # 2815
Subatmospheric pressure control in an autonomous milking apparatus
123 # 2817
Technical infrastructure of farms vs. efficiency of milk production in mountainous areas
125 # 2859
Evaluation of tank trucks operating time during milk purchase
125 # 2866
Methodology of testing selected metrological properties of thermoanemometric milk flow indicators with the use of the microprocessor technique
129 # 2945
Automatic control of the independent milking machine
129 # 2944
Collector of an independent milking machine
131 # 3073
Application of fuzzy sets in modern milking techniques
132 # 3098
Dependencies of elasticity changes and geometric parameters on tension force of teat rubbers used for milking
132 # 3103
The concept of a mechanical device to obtain milk from sows
133 # 3053
"Fuzzy logic" functional block in the PLC control of the autonoumous milking unit
133 # 3043
Analysis of adjustment of modern teat gums to the size of cow teats
133 # 3054
Influence of disturbance in vacuum installation of milking machine on the parameters of selected pulsators
133 # 3048
Influence of selected control quality index on milking parameters in milking units in a milk piepeline
133 # 3042
Oscillation of negative pressure in milking units with the lowered system negative pressure in herringbone milking parlours
133 # 3049
Selected indexes of control indexes and their influence on average negative pressure in a milk pipeline and its amplitude of variations in a pipeline milking unit
133 # 3038
The concept of a two-chamber autonomous claw of the milking unit
134 # 3124
Assessment of application of a new quadric-quarter milking machine structure for determination of selected parameters of cow’s milking abilities
136 # 3162
Application of information and communications technologies (ICT) in the selected agricultural farms of Podlaskie Voivodeship
136 # 3185
Comparative analysis of measuring methods of milk flow in a column of an autonomous milking machine
137 # 3209
Technical equipment of the selected ecological farms oriented to milk production
137 # 3222
The communication system of the control-measuring system in an autonomous milking unit
143 # 3360
Analysis of auto-cistern utilization in the field of milk purchase on the example of a small dairy plant
143 # 3378
The use of waste heat from cooling milk for heating a rural residential building
145 # 3394
Analysis of labour inputs in various milking systems
145 # 3413
Degree of sustainability of milk farms in the aspect of ecological assessment
145 # 3423
Idea of accumulating heat waste from milk cooling
146 # 3453
A method of computer aid for calculating pressure parameters of mechanical milking and pressures that massage a teat
146 # 3470
Fuzzy logic in the regulation of the absolute pressure supplying an autonomous milking unit
146 # 3465
Resistance of the selected milking machines to oscillation of negative pressure in the pipe milking machine installation
147 # 3500
Amplitude of disturbance of the system under pressure in the pipeline milking machine and its impact on the parameters of operation of milking apparatuses of the selected makes
147 # 3508
Analysis and modelling of under pressure oscillations in the milking apparatus in relation to the volume changes of the milk chamber of a collector
147 # 3491
Stability of negative pressure in IQ i Classic 300 milking apparatuses during simulation of mechanical milking
149 # 3531
Functional properties of the computer system for temperature diagnosis of cows
149 # 3535
Optimization of the shape of the claw of milking machine cluster using software for flow simulation
152 # 3605
Providing milk agricultural farms with the production means
154 # 3660
Stabilization of suction pressure in the conceptual milking unit
21 # 497
Criteria to selection of milking technology and technical equipment for dairy farms in the EU countries
21 # 482
Disturbances in milk flow out and the health state of mammary gland in cows
21 # 493
Milk flow rate in the goat milking machines as affected by the parameters of milking machine operation
21 # 486
Parameters of machine milking as affected by the quantity of air sucked in around the teat
21 # 514
Stability of vacuum pressure in a milking machine as affected by liquid filling of the milking piping
31 # 1674
Application of computer technology to measuring and calculating vacuum and flow milking parameters - AKW system and GrafAKW program
31 # 1684
Computer supporting system establishing of class quality of raw milk from purchase in connection with base of tradesmans
31 # 1676
Technological estimation ofwork of selected milking robots
33 # 645
Analysis of milking parameters for difference tension force of iiners
33 # 689
The effect of the milking unit on duration time basie phase milking cows
33 # 682
The influence of pulling force in the liner on milking process during the started phase of milk flow curve
52 # 820
Milk cooling conditions
52 # 821
Quality system in obtaining milk
61 # 1172
The HACCP system in dairy farms
64 # 740
Analysis of the influence of milk line load on milk line filling in pipeline milking machine
64 # 746
Technological and exploitation coefficients of milk production in chosen cowsheds
66 # 1287
Analysis of milkman work structure while milking cows
66 # 1306
Simulation of fussy control of dynamics of machine milking
66 # 1307
Simulation of negative pressure control in milking machine using fussy logic
67 # 935
Analysis of milkman work time while milking goats
77 # 23
An analysis of limitations in milking parlor throughput
77 # 38
Barriers of implementation of farms with modern dairy technologies
77 # 22
Self-assessment of tradesmen in range of equipment their farms in technical devices to logging of milk
77 # 39
The influence of milk quantity and velocity from teat end on vacuum hesitation in the teat end chamber
78 # 72
Analysis of some indices of technical development in Polish dairy farms
78 # 78
Comparisons of cow’s milking ability during mechanical milking with clusters with simultaneous and alternate pulsation
78 # 54
Mathematical modelling of the milking unit control system
78 # 53
Multicriteria method of evaluation of functioning parameters of selected milking units
78 # 85
The effect of milker work parameters on vacuum fluctuations in milking clusters for sheep
78 # 61
The effect of the vacuum system stress on stabilization of the working vacuum milking machine
78 # 77
Vacuum stability in clusters working in alternate and simultaneous milking system for different of milking machines
79 # 104
Cost analysis of milk gain in different milking systems
79 # 98
Models of back flow in a short milk tube of the cluster working during simultaneous and alternate pulsation
79 # 108
The analysis of total load influence of milking pipeline of milking machine on changes of vacuum in air pipeline and ability of its control
79 # 97
The comparison of the most important parameters of milking during simultaneous and alternate pulsation
79 # 128
The effect of vacuum tank on basic vacuum parameters of a milking unit
79 # 130
The influence of type of housing systems on young cows cleaness and hygienic quality of milk
79 # 129
The organizational-technological problems of milking in the freestall cowsheds in the aspect of cows welfare
80 # 172
Analysis of the character of breakdown changes of direct-to-can milking machines in the aspect oh their periodic maintenance
86 # 323
The analysis of dairy industry production structure changes in Małopolska Voivodeship
87 # 371
Multicriteria method of functional evaluation and milking units selection
93 # 1815
The influence of mechanical factors on pipeline washing effectiveness
93 # 1851
The stability of structural qualities of milky fermented beverages
94 # 1883
Use of power resource in consumer milk and dairy derivative product processing
94 # 1868
Work planning in preparation of cows for milking
95 # 1904
Absolute pressure control in cow milking unit
99 # 2014
Return on investment in milk-producing farms and limitations resulting from milk quota
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