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118 # 2615
Modelling of potato tuber temperature rise during its microwave heating
121 # 2734
Assessment of susceptibility to impact darkening for potato tubers irradiated with microwaves
123 # 2805
Storage impact on puncture force value for peel of potato tubers irradiated with microwaves
124 # 2847
The impact of microwave radiation at different frequencies on weight of seed potato germs and crop of potato tubers
140 # 3304
Assessment of potato tuber parenchyma of seed-potatoes irradiated with microwaves
154 # 3652
Evaluation of the impact of pre-sowing microwave stimulation of bean seeds on the germination process
31 # 1678
Optimization ofmicrowave's drying offood products
35 # 895
Influence of biological objects on amplitude-phase characteristics of electromagnetic waves
67 # 950
Analysis of microwave drying of root celery in conditions of decreased pressure
68 # 1381
Automatic control system of exposure parameters in a microwave balance – drier
77 # 36
Rehydration and compressive strength of vacuum microwave dehydrated red beet flesh in the low preassure conditions
77 # 35
Vacuum-microwave drying of apples in the low preassure conditions
79 # 118
Influence of microwave vacuum parameters fruits chokeberry drying on the course of this process and drying shrinkage
79 # 116
The influence of microwave-vacuum drying parameters on shrinkage of strawberries during drying and on running of process
82 # 274
Influence of the method of heat input in carrot drying on the kinetics of the process
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