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10 # 1505
An attempt to formalize the description of microclimate formation system in buildings for cattle
10 # 1507
Problems of determining air flow resistance and dimensioning ventilation system in the piggeries
100 # 2073
Methods applied to determine indoor temperature in buildings for livestock
107 # 2301
Structural system of a building and the risk of thermal stress occurrence for milk cows
107 # 2299
The impact of barn microclimate on milking capacity of cows
109 # 2408
Adaptive control for selected class of agricultural engineering processes
109 # 2388
Ergonomic assessment of thermal comfort in milking room at a milk cow farm
117 # 2600
Computer model of microclimate control system in apple storehouse
125 # 2864
Use of open system for controlling microclimate in utility rooms
130 # 2995
The influence of storehouse microclimate on the qualitative and quantitative indicators as well as on certain features of apples
131 # 3090
Application of fuzzy sets in microclimate control in agricultural buildings
149 # 3548
Heat and mass exchange model in the air inside a greenhouse
152 # 3609
Analysis of the vetilation air stream size in cattle buildings
154 # 3655
Evaluation of the selected microclimate parameters in a fully-slatted piggery
19 # 1007
Computer aided dedsion making at microclimate control in potato stores
19 # 1013
Microclimatic conditions in pig fattening house as affected by the kind of heat exchanger installed into deep litter
53 # 589
Shaping microclimate parameters inside a plastic tunnel
61 # 1166
Heat balance of an apple storage facility
66 # 1297
Comparison of temperatures in livestock halls, determined based on heat balance calculated with various methods
67 # 943
Forecasting microclimate development in livestock buildings – possibilities and limitations
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