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102 # 2160
Modelling of the relation of liquid mass stream and absolute pressure in a milking apparatus
107 # 2307
Representation of pulsation trajectory using artificial intelligence methods
118 # 2617
Using the Matlab® application to model negative pressure in milking machine
122 # 2777
Impact of the course of mechanical milking of cows on the content of body cells in milk with the variable tension strength of teat rubbers in the teat cup
123 # 2815
Subatmospheric pressure control in an autonomous milking apparatus
132 # 3098
Dependencies of elasticity changes and geometric parameters on tension force of teat rubbers used for milking
133 # 3038
The concept of a two-chamber autonomous claw of the milking unit
78 # 78
Comparisons of cow’s milking ability during mechanical milking with clusters with simultaneous and alternate pulsation
79 # 104
Cost analysis of milk gain in different milking systems
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