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111 # 2481
The impact of stresses in minced meat on velocity and amplitude of ultrasonic wave
118 # 2627
Matlab and Scilab as the tools for modelling rheological properties
118 # 2628
Modelling rheological properties of livestock meat in matlab environment
122 # 2796
Impact of the configuration of the plastification system on selected features of extruded full-grain noodles
129 # 2966
Theoretical analysis of mechanical meat cutting process in thermodynamic aspect
138 # 3230
Analysis of the meat tumbler drive power components
141 # 3351
Impact of the shape of cutting knives edges on distribution of temperature in the volume of meat stuffing
146 # 3468
Impact of the type of raw material and knives shape on the temperature increase during mechanical meat cutting
149 # 3537
Effects of modifications of the power nozzles structure in the smoke-drying chamber on the reduction of PAH compounds content in meat products
16 # 759
An attempt to technological evaluation of a device for separating meat from animal bones with the use of computer image analysis
16 # 767
Application of microwave frequencies to evaluating water and fat contents in meat raw materials
16 # 781
Investigation of energy dissipation in meat with an experimental ultrasonic device
16 # 757
Investigation of meat products heating and cooling processes
60 # 1577
Analysis of meat colour after sonicication
69 # 830
Application of buckwheat seeds to manufacturing the low-fat fine minced meat products
69 # 855
Evaluation of texture of cured meat products with different functional additives under industrial conditions
69 # 868
Influence of the thermal treatment on the propagation velocity of ultrasonic waves in meat stuffing
69 # 824
Texture and colours of selected meat products with the addition of transglutaminase
71 # 1411
Analysis of water binding conditions in fine minced curred mest stuffings supplemented with lupine cellulose
71 # 1468
Influence of texture stabilizing of minced meat mass on the possible application in the convenience food manufacturing
71 # 1437
Kinetics of mass and temperature changes during sublimation-steaming-vacuum thawing of meat
71 # 1455
Role of hydrocolloidal-fatty phase in shaping rheoligical properties of fine minced cured meat stuffings with reduced fat content
82 # 236
A comparison of meat defrosting using vacuum-cum-steam and sublimation-cum-vacuum-cum-steam methods
82 # 235
Changes in the texture of the processed meat products stored in modified atmosphere
82 # 234
Changes of the hydratation properties and lipid oxidation of meat products stored in modified atmosphere
82 # 238
Defrosting of raw meat using ultrasounds at low frequencies
82 # 264
Influence of potassium chloride as a partial substitute of sodium chloride in corning mix on the quality of ostrich meat pate
82 # 239
Physical and functional properties of chosen buckwheat seed preparations as an addition for meat products
93 # 1861
An analysis of eefect of selected structure-generating factors on the quality of bi-fertal products
93 # 1860
Changes in texture of selected meat products as a function of the type of used additional substance
93 # 1836
Setting out the degree of sublimation dehydration during sublimation-vacuum-steam meat defrosting process
97 # 1980
Evaluation of the efficiency of key cold cured meat production processes in food quality and health safety system (HACCP)
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