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102 # 2148
A method for valuation and assessment of the quality of farm machines
105 # 2287
Using of the LabView environment to simulate operation of farm machine operator’s panel
109 # 2409
Laser interferometer use in measurements of geometrical sizes and constructional agricultural machines
115 # 2564
Construction and operation of corn seed humidity sensor using near-infrared radiation
118 # 2644
Using the ZigBee protocol for signal transmission in a dispersed measuring system
137 # 3216
1-Wire bus as the core of the measuring apparatus studies of heat and mass flow in the bioreactor
149 # 3541
Impact of the speed of the measuring head of the texture measuring device on the obtained values of basic differentiators of the texture profile analysis of Capresi cheese
18 # 1532
Measuring the cutting tooth geometry of power saw chains and assessing the wear of saw chains using the method of image analysis
31 # 1657
Mapping of soil properties based on diesel oil consumption
35 # 896
Classification of rapid measuring impulses
35 # 894
Digital measuring systems in agriculture
35 # 893
Transmission of measurement data through GSM
68 # 1375
Set of the equipment to mapping grain yield mountedon a combine harvester
68 # 1382
Virtual instrument to evaluation of atomized stream crosswise distribution in agricultural sprayers
79 # 107
Effect of grain moisture content and temperature on energy consumption at crushing
80 # 164
Measuring positions for the studies of sugar beet reactive force on some types of mechanical loads
90 # 1776
Ergonomic assessment of the geometry of the working station
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