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10 # 1508
Modelling of gaseous emission in the livestock buildings
10 # 1487
Prognostics of qualitative and energetic indices of potato harvester operation
111 # 2464
Fluid motion in Whirlpoll whirl tank
118 # 2622
Mathematical model of rehydration kinetics for dried vegetables
125 # 2881
A model of topinambour cultivation for fuel purposes
126 # 2919
The model of energy value assessment for topinambour grown for fuel
134 # 3133
Analysis of factors in the decision process of purchasing farm tractors
138 # 3229
Application of 3D scanner for monitoring the food shape on the example of a bread roll
143 # 3376
The method of mathematical modeling of the triticale grain shape with Bézier surface patches
145 # 3420
State of knowledge concerning modelling of anaerobic fermentation processes
146 # 3453
A method of computer aid for calculating pressure parameters of mechanical milking and pressures that massage a teat
149 # 3548
Heat and mass exchange model in the air inside a greenhouse
151 # 3589
Method of mathematical modelling of the surface of the egg shell shape, egg yolk and air chamber of chicken eggs
152 # 3606
Theory of the ploughing mechanism of the sugar beet combine harvester
33 # 672
The pressure drop of air flow aspect in the model of ground heat exchanger
63 # 1341
Mathematical model for the assessments of granulate kinetic strength
68 # 1371
Adequacy of the mathematical model and the models based on artificial neural networks to evaluating the kinetic strength of feed pellets
74 # 1245
Application of the "Experiment planner" computer program to the process identification for discrimination of components in bulbs and stones mixture
74 # 1229
Model of a system generating and utilizing renewable energetic carriers of agricultural origin. Part 2. Mathematical and simulated model of a system generating and utilizing renewable energy carriers
74 # 1264
Simulation of the motion of the fertilizer particles on disc spreader
74 # 1231
The symulation model of composting in biostabilizer DANO
80 # 142
Impact of share lifter on sugar beet root
81 # 200
Mathematical model of manure pellet movement after leasing the scattering disk
81 # 203
Mathematical modelling of thermal degradation of l-ascorbic acid during convection drying of leek
81 # 191
Modelling of the oxygen decomposition process of silage
82 # 285
Corrosive-cum-mechanical wear. Proces calculation model
87 # 402
Mathematical modelling of drying process in a fixed bed. Part 1. Mathematical model
87 # 403
Mathematical modelling of drying process in a fixed bed. Part 2. Model verification
96 # 1968
Theoretical and actual liquid distribution for selected atomiser setting parameters
99 # 2043
Mathematical model for effective power of a flywheel cutting unit equipped with elements supporting plant shredding process
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