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10 # 1500
Analysis of farm machine market on an example of Miechów commune
100 # 2071
Analysis of the functioning of a data base for monitoring sugar beet production
107 # 2310
Technical and functional characteristics compared to the value of selected technical means of production in agriculture
108 # 2359
Biomass versus agriculture
110 # 2441
Bioenergy - will fields and forests replace coal and oil?
124 # 2840
Assessment of chances for keeping sugar beet production in Lubelskie Voivodeship
132 # 3109
Sugar beets used for traditional purposes and for energy. An economic comparison
136 # 3177
Efficiency analysis of changing a rate group on the example of a sewage treatment plant
136 # 3165
Level and structure of stocks costs depending on the distance of agricultural farms from supply markets
145 # 3424
Innovativeness in technologies and agricultural technique
150 # 3562
Model solutions of distribution logistics with regard to organic products
21 # 500
Combine harvesters in Poland and the EU countries
41 # 569
Communal marketing as a factor of development strategy of local governments
52 # 800
Analysis of agricultural real estate in the commune of Gdów in the light of the agriculture technical restructuring
66 # 1282
Method of corrected, average price in farm tractor appraisal
66 # 1281
Pair comparison methodology employed for estimating the value of a farm tractor
86 # 294
Market value versus reconstruction value of farm building structures
88 # 450
Transport outlays in the analyzed family farmsteads
94 # 1875
Application of market statistical analysis method in evaluation of technical means of production based on agricultural tractor example
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