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10 # 1483
Energetic and economical analysis of maize grain production technology
125 # 2890
Validation of the ZeaSoft decision support system – yield models
129 # 2970
The impact of threshing units on maize kernel separation rates and losses
133 # 3035
Assessment of costs and energy consumption in the production of maize for the grain maize and silage
134 # 3118
Comparison of biogas yield from three types of silage: maize, lucerne and grass silage
140 # 3306
Quantitative and qualitative analysis of new energy maize cultivars for anaerobic fermentation
145 # 3429
Analysis of profitability of maize production desig-nated for silage as a substrate for a biogas plant
147 # 3476
Methodological aspects of measuring hardness of maize caryopsis
148 # 3522
Biogas yield of maize straw
16 # 780
Study on physical properties of the flours from various plant materials
18 # 1531
Analysis of the research film with the use of multimedia card mirovideo dc 30
21 # 496
Analysis of production costs, labour and energy inputs at maize grain production
21 # 487
Choice of technical means to maize cultivation for silage
63 # 1338
Evaluation of results of irrigation applied to grain maize
68 # 1406
Probability of maize ripening – an internet application
74 # 1275
ZEASOFT – Decision support system for maize cultivation
79 # 91
Impact of heat treatment on the process of mechanical grain cutting off sweet maize cobs
81 # 227
Modelling of grain maize production technology in the aspect of economic effectiveness
82 # 246
Corelation between chosen parameters of air and maize grain dried with low-temperature method
90 # 1806
A decision support system in maize silage production
91 # 1742
Effectiveness of herbicides selectivity applied in maize monoculture with of leaf area index (LAI) and mean tip angle (MTA)
91 # 1753
Influence of herbicides rotation on number of resistant weeds in monoculture of maize crop
97 # 2002
The impact of blade length in grain cutter knives on sugar maize grain cutting energy consumption
99 # 2019
Analysis of maize grain harvesting and conservation inputs
99 # 2041
The impact of the design of flywheel feeder beater blades in cutting unit on the quality and energy consumption of maize plant shredding process
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