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10 # 1491
A method of designing machine set for crop production
10 # 1500
Analysis of farm machine market on an example of Miechów commune
10 # 1492
Reproductive value of machinery park and costs of mechanization of family farms
107 # 2298
Comparison of methods applied to acquire information concerning agricultural machinery in farms in Małopolskie Voivodship
109 # 2387
Selected aspects related to conducting classes in the e-learning system
110 # 2432
Commodity production and trends of changes in technical equipment possessed by developing farms
110 # 2449
Economic life-span of farms versus possession of engineering means of production
114 # 2484
Agroengineering against a background of transformations in agriculture and industry
118 # 2609
Catalogue of farm machines and vehicles “Maszyny-3”
122 # 2785
Provision of technical equipment to orchard producers group
123 # 2836
Technical equipment vs. the use of technical production services in selected farms of the Miechów county
123 # 2817
Technical infrastructure of farms vs. efficiency of milk production in mountainous areas
125 # 2868
Replacement value of machinery vs. the amount of subsidy from the european union
125 # 2884
Technical services and production services in selected farms of the Miechów county
130 # 2997
Repair cost analysis of agricultural machinery on the farm - Farm Complex Kietrz Sp.z o. o.
133 # 3051
Analysis of the machinery park infrastructure of farms united in a producers' group oriented on milk production
133 # 3027
Optimisation of technical infrastructure of the selected farms with the use of OTR-7 programme
140 # 3315
Level of equipment with the machinery park and activities related to supporting ecological farms with the EU funds
150 # 3563
Operating costs and the use of manufacturing capacities of the machinery park in organic farms
19 # 1011
Costs and eftectiveness of mechanization on the farms of vegetabie produetion of various intensity
21 # 498
Collective using of the technical means in agriculture of Poland and other European countries
33 # 616
Knowledge representation about state of objects in information infrastructure of maintenance system
33 # 615
Process Based Machinery Maintenance
35 # 889
Perfecting the diffusion process of innovations in agriculture by information-aided machinery exploitation
53 # 600
Computer technique testing of cultivator draft
61 # 1162
Selection criteria of functional assemblies in the consruction aspect of a tetra-pak machine abstract model
63 # 1342
Study on annual use of farm machinery
66 # 1302
Implementing innovations in farm machinery refurbishment using knowledge engineering methods
66 # 1286
Program supporting assessment of mechanization investments
66 # 1279
The model of an associated energy source in food processing industry
67 # 919
Evaluation of equipment in machines for production of potatoes in chosen farms of Małopolska region
67 # 947
Remarks on multi-criterial selection of machinery and equipment intended for agricultural production
68 # 1372
Information systems for the enterprises of technical farm service
68 # 1373
Knowledge base to selection of welding equipment for agricultural machinery workshop
74 # 1243
Computer aided test of environmental burden of agricultural machinery by LCA method
8 # 1037
Representation of operation and maintenance knowledge in an advisory system on an example of food processing industry equipment
80 # 158
Methodological conditions of determination of purpose function while choosing machinery and equipment for agricultural production
84 # 45
Decision Support System for farm enterprises
86 # 311
Impact of the region and farmstead size on machinery outfit
86 # 310
Production and agricultural character of the region versus level of technical infrastructure in farmsteads
87 # 347
Modelling of operation process for engineering facilities using dynamic Bayesian networks
91 # 1745
Agroecolgical strategy for choosing running systems for agricultural machinery
94 # 1895
Area structure of agricultural farms vs. effect of the Union fund use for machine equipment
95 # 1923
Analysis of conditions and ways to store agricultural equipment to prevent corrosion wear
95 # 1921
Specification of general design requirements for agricultural machines. Part I. Cultivation machinery
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