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10 # 1491
A method of designing machine set for crop production
10 # 1500
Analysis of farm machine market on an example of Miechów commune
10 # 1509
Milk outflows from a cow teat at different vacuum level
10 # 1492
Reproductive value of machinery park and costs of mechanization of family farms
100 # 2105
Income sources and the level of farm mechanization
102 # 2148
A method for valuation and assessment of the quality of farm machines
102 # 2121
Capacity analysis in the processes of agricultural machine use
102 # 2143
Farm machines and their age, and the interest In purchasing new machines shown by farmers in central and eastern Poland
102 # 2158
Functional analysis of the new quarter milking cluster
102 # 2119
Optimization of the agricultural machine selection
102 # 2161
Preferences concerning the training of farmers on the team use of machines
102 # 2120
Review of terms and definitions concerning agricultural production process design
102 # 2133
The use of Boussinesque’s equation to determine stresses in soil caused by the action of machine units
103 # 2206
Analysis of the impact of disturbances on selected milking parameters in a pipeline milking machine
103 # 2182
Analysis regarding dynamic parameters of pulsators in the conditions of simulated mechanical milking
103 # 2204
Comparative studies on methods used to take agricultural machinery out of service
103 # 2219
The effect of connection milk claw with teat liner on the milking parameters
104 # 2253
The amount of agriculture information sources compared to farm possession of technical means of production
104 # 2256
The use of machine stock production capacity at selected fruit-growing farms
105 # 2284
The research on dependence between operating costs of farm tractors, machines and equipment and time of their annual utilization on the example of gully emptiers
106 # 2227
Simulation of agriculture machine dynamic behavior including stability criterion for motion safety needs
107 # 2328
Arable land resources and agricultural machinery possession in farms versus agricultural production intensity level
107 # 2298
Comparison of methods applied to acquire information concerning agricultural machinery in farms in Małopolskie Voivodship
107 # 2331
Economic aspects of ecological processes for modernisation and operation of machines and equipment
107 # 2329
Specification of general design requirements for farm machines. Part II. Harvest machines
107 # 2310
Technical and functional characteristics compared to the value of selected technical means of production in agriculture
108 # 2355
Diagnostics of field spraying machine sprayers in real time
108 # 2348
Production intensity compared to equipping and use of selected engineering means of production in orchard farms
109 # 2396
Implementation of diagnostic concluding for field spraying machine atomiser in real time
109 # 2387
Selected aspects related to conducting classes in the e-learning system
109 # 2397
Using the CCD cameras to control operation of agricultural machinery working units
110 # 2417
Assessment of action exerted on soil by tractor unit wheels in farms
110 # 2432
Commodity production and trends of changes in technical equipment possessed by developing farms
110 # 2449
Economic life-span of farms versus possession of engineering means of production
110 # 2442
Examination of unscrewing moment values for screw joints protected with temporary anticorrosive protection agents
110 # 2424
Using experimental design to obtain a set of machines for biomass harvest mechanisation on the example of common reed
114 # 2484
Agroengineering against a background of transformations in agriculture and industry
114 # 2504
Analysis of pressure conditions in a milking machine using teat rubbers with different cross-sections in stem sections
114 # 2494
Milking control based on process model
115 # 2549
The impact of farm conditions on the selection of agricultural machinery for cattle production
117 # 2580
Combine harvesters in family-operated farms in the Lublin district
117 # 2594
Machine services in selected farms in Lower Silesia region
118 # 2609
Catalogue of farm machines and vehicles “Maszyny-3”
118 # 2611
Employing an author’s method for determining values of parameters for modern technical systems in ploughs and field spraying machines
118 # 2637
Guidelines of an expert system for crop production process control
118 # 2643
Management conditions in selected farms located in Małopolskie Voivodship with favourable agrarian structure
118 # 2620
Module controlling delivery of an atomizer in a field spraying machine
118 # 2636
Tractor use monitoring – wirelss data transmision
119 # 2676
Demand for mechanisation services in individual farms located in Wysokie Mazowieckie administrative district
119 # 2679
Modelling of storage tank controller in milking installation
119 # 2655
Technical and operating assessment of cultivation and maintenance tools used in small farms
120 # 2715
Acquisition of agricultural information and the amount of European Union funds used by farms for technical investments
120 # 2719
Analysis of selected parameters of simulated machined milking for alternate and simultaneous pulsation, using milking apparatuses with unconventional profiles of teat rubber core sections
120 # 2692
Constructional design of a machine for harvesting energy plants grown without rows
120 # 2711
Methodic aspects of determining durations, disturbance size, and their impact on milking quality in pipeline milking machine
120 # 2701
Ploughshare distribution logistics
120 # 2718
The impact of selected spraying machine work parameters and operating conditions on field toolbar position in horizontal plane
120 # 2694
Vacuum fluctuations in milking apparatuses possessing teat rubbers with square, triangular or oval core section profiles
120 # 2693
Working life lengths for tractors and machines in selected family-owned farms in lubelskie voivodship
121 # 2756
Ecological and operating aspects in the process of machinery an equipment use, and renovation. Regeneration of parts in ecological operation of machines (part I)
121 # 2737
Possession of technical means of production and their use in vegetable farms differing in area
121 # 2751
Total and irregular negative pressure fluctuations in selected points of pipeline milker installation
122 # 2771
Computer modelling and simulation of the frequency of pulsations in the milking apparatus
122 # 2795
Preliminary evaluation of development of semisubsistence farms in years 2005-2008
122 # 2785
Provision of technical equipment to orchard producers group
122 # 2784
Usability of the process of protection of plants by means of field spraying machines
122 # 2787
Use of the bundle-pipe straightening machine for homogenisation of the air stream in the aerodynamic tunnel
123 # 2831
Analysis of mechanisation services in ecological farms
123 # 2819
Conception of the Flexible System of Network Recommendation Services Model of the recommendation system in the form of a Bayesian network
123 # 2836
Technical equipment vs. the use of technical production services in selected farms of the Miechów county
123 # 2817
Technical infrastructure of farms vs. efficiency of milk production in mountainous areas
125 # 2863
Method of estimating parameters for the process of planned technical maintenance of agricultural machinery
125 # 2871
Modernization of machine work technologies in selected family farms
125 # 2868
Replacement value of machinery vs. the amount of subsidy from the european union
125 # 2862
Self-regenerating engineering materials – review in terms of applications in agriculture
125 # 2884
Technical services and production services in selected farms of the Miechów county
126 # 2906
Agricultural equipment possession assessment for selected farms specialised in milk production
129 # 2945
Automatic control of the independent milking machine
129 # 2944
Collector of an independent milking machine
130 # 3006
Renovation of watercourses on the example of integrated technology developed in the Industrial Institute of Agricultural Engineering
130 # 2997
Repair cost analysis of agricultural machinery on the farm - Farm Complex Kietrz Sp.z o. o.
130 # 2999
The influence of power transmission poles located on the field on operational indicators of machine units
131 # 3073
Application of fuzzy sets in modern milking techniques
133 # 3041
A survey of stabilisation systems of field spraying machine toolbars
133 # 3043
Analysis of adjustment of modern teat gums to the size of cow teats
133 # 3051
Analysis of the machinery park infrastructure of farms united in a producers' group oriented on milk production
133 # 3027
Optimisation of technical infrastructure of the selected farms with the use of OTR-7 programme
133 # 3042
Oscillation of negative pressure in milking units with the lowered system negative pressure in herringbone milking parlours
133 # 3031
Results of the research on the after-sales service quality of the agricultural machines
134 # 3124
Assessment of application of a new quadric-quarter milking machine structure for determination of selected parameters of cow’s milking abilities
134 # 3134
Energy assessment of the compressing process of the selected plant materials in a srew briquetting machine
134 # 3140
Quality assessment of technical service of agricultural machines
134 # 3130
Selection method of grass mowers on urban green areas
136 # 3160
A loyality programme as a modern method of the management of distribution logistics of tractors and agricultural machines spare parts
136 # 3185
Comparative analysis of measuring methods of milk flow in a column of an autonomous milking machine
136 # 3154
Selection of criteria of the quality assessment of agricultural machines with the method of features correlation
136 # 3181
The prioritizing process of the quality assessment criteria for agricultural machinery-service by comparisons method
137 # 3197
Hybrid drive for agricultural vehicles
137 # 3224
Modelling method of the maintenance service set of agricultural machines and devices
137 # 3204
Value of the global production in relation to technical means equipment of agricultural farms of a varied production structure
139 # 3271
Condition and use of a machinery park in ecological farms of a varied area and structure of arable lands
139 # 3269
Criteria evaluation of optimal selection of agricultural machines
139 # 3284
Exploitation evaluation of GRIMME 170-60SE combine harvester
139 # 3266
Procedures of operation of signalling and controlling devices of the selected agricultural machines
139 # 3261
The concept of „e-maintenance” in the system of farm machines and vehicles maintenance
139 # 3295
The issue of fatigue evaluation of agricultural machines shown in a multirole unit
140 # 3315
Level of equipment with the machinery park and activities related to supporting ecological farms with the EU funds
141 # 3341
Effect of rheological properties of the selected food liquids on the mixing power with the use of various mixers
143 # 3355
Mobile and energy efficient machine for biomass harvesting and compaction with the curling method
145 # 3429
Analysis of profitability of maize production desig-nated for silage as a substrate for a biogas plant
145 # 3398
The influence of mechatronic starting knotters actuating mechanism on parameters and quality of work of the wicker harvesting machine
146 # 3452
Cathegories and number of tree damage at logging works
146 # 3465
Resistance of the selected milking machines to oscillation of negative pressure in the pipe milking machine installation
147 # 3491
Stability of negative pressure in IQ i Classic 300 milking apparatuses during simulation of mechanical milking
147 # 3486
Structural and utility properties of the selected agricultural machines and tools in the users' opinion
147 # 3509
Terminology in agricultural engineering in the second decade of the XXI century
149 # 3535
Optimization of the shape of the claw of milking machine cluster using software for flow simulation
150 # 3563
Operating costs and the use of manufacturing capacities of the machinery park in organic farms
150 # 3554
Performance of selected cultivation machines in relation to fuel consumption
152 # 3618
Characteristic and efficiency of operation of the unit for non-plough soil cultivation and the cultivation and sowing unit in conditions of the eastern european part of Russia
152 # 3607
Quality assessment of the operation process of the HEID technological line threshing unit for corn cobs
154 # 3660
Stabilization of suction pressure in the conceptual milking unit
155 # 3675
Assessment of the repair infrastructure efficiency with regard to maintenance of farm machines
155 # 3672
Stability of semi-mounted sod seeder motion
18 # 1522
The use of TV transmission as a method of monitoring farm machines' components
19 # 1011
Costs and eftectiveness of mechanization on the farms of vegetabie produetion of various intensity
19 # 989
Impact of working speed on wear intensity of construction materials in the soil
19 # 1006
The level of equipment and services versus the costs of farm mechanization
21 # 487
Choice of technical means to maize cultivation for silage
21 # 498
Collective using of the technical means in agriculture of Poland and other European countries
21 # 469
Costs of mechanization on selected family farms
21 # 501
Diagnostic evaluation of technical condition of the electronic injection systems in the engines of spark ignition
21 # 511
Fuel consumption by tractor-machine sets depending on the level of precison pair wear in fuel supply system
21 # 493
Milk flow rate in the goat milking machines as affected by the parameters of milking machine operation
21 # 486
Parameters of machine milking as affected by the quantity of air sucked in around the teat
21 # 514
Stability of vacuum pressure in a milking machine as affected by liquid filling of the milking piping
21 # 476
Study on determining critical points in new and repaired technological objects
31 # 1664
Learning effectiveness ofneuronal net onto needs of opinion of agricultural machine technical state
31 # 1692
Project of computer database of technical equipment for gastronomic institutions
31 # 1686
The basis of application for computer-aided design of pressure irrigation systems
31 # 1658
The Caterpillar DATA View hardware and software applied to research ofmachines and tractors
31 # 1660
The researches of the purchase ofthe agricultural machines
33 # 616
Knowledge representation about state of objects in information infrastructure of maintenance system
33 # 615
Process Based Machinery Maintenance
33 # 689
The effect of the milking unit on duration time basie phase milking cows
35 # 909
Computer generation of programs for dynamics simulation of manipulation machines
35 # 883
It-based electronic control system for agricultural tractors Massey Ferguson series 8200
35 # 889
Perfecting the diffusion process of innovations in agriculture by information-aided machinery exploitation
51 # 1638
Applying concentrtion analisys to deteumine agrecultural mechines series of types
52 # 796
Barriers in commencing group machine utilization by fanners
52 # 785
Influence of changes in technical and organizational solutions upon a machine's work quality
52 # 789
Possibilities of processing and using wind energy in polish agriculture
52 # 818
Research in the operating of system for controlling plasticizer addition process
52 # 797
The number of members in a collective group in a case of collective utilization of agricultural machines in the opinion of farmers
53 # 600
Computer technique testing of cultivator draft
53 # 581
Design method of mechanized crop harvesting line
53 # 607
Development of measuring capabilities in farming technique based on the use of optical-electronic equipment
56 # 522
Developing of agricultural machines to meet the requirements of sustainable agriculture
56 # 519
Economy of the resources as a basic criterion in developing technical infrastructure for agricultural production in Belorussia
60 # 1543
The organic pollination influence on the dynamics of kinematics wapour motional-reversal oscillations
61 # 1164
Monitoring handling of potatoes by pressure measuring sphare (PMS-60)
61 # 1162
Selection criteria of functional assemblies in the consruction aspect of a tetra-pak machine abstract model
63 # 1337
Method of vocational risk assessment in agricutural and silvicultural work environment
63 # 1342
Study on annual use of farm machinery
64 # 740
Analysis of the influence of milk line load on milk line filling in pipeline milking machine
66 # 1310
Chosen aspects of shared utilization of machines
66 # 1302
Implementing innovations in farm machinery refurbishment using knowledge engineering methods
66 # 1318
Production intensity vs. Agricultural technology level in fruit farms
66 # 1286
Program supporting assessment of mechanization investments
66 # 1279
The model of an associated energy source in food processing industry
67 # 916
Arable area of farms vs. operational and economic indices of the stock of machines
67 # 951
Computer modelling and simulation test of agricultural machines virtual models on the example of Campbell roller
67 # 919
Evaluation of equipment in machines for production of potatoes in chosen farms of Małopolska region
67 # 917
Relationships between farm arable area and operational and economic indices of stock of machines
67 # 947
Remarks on multi-criterial selection of machinery and equipment intended for agricultural production
67 # 955
The proclaim-organizational problems of machine and vehicle recycling in the aspect of Poland joining the European Union
68 # 1384
Computer aided decision making system at purchasing tractors and agricultural machines
68 # 1404
Computer test verifying the students’ knowledge
68 # 1372
Information systems for the enterprises of technical farm service
68 # 1373
Knowledge base to selection of welding equipment for agricultural machinery workshop
70 # 1190
Determination of economic boundaries for functional usage of machine sets on the example of ploughing unit
74 # 1261
Analysing models using in designing and verification of the construction of agricultural rollers of 9, 12 and 15 m width
74 # 1238
Calculations of moment of inertia of agricultural machines
74 # 1243
Computer aided test of environmental burden of agricultural machinery by LCA method
74 # 1260
Modern methods of agricultural machine designing and veryfication
77 # 5
Application of modeling, computer simulation and validation method in the new agricultural machine implementation
77 # 22
Self-assessment of tradesmen in range of equipment their farms in technical devices to logging of milk
78 # 72
Analysis of some indices of technical development in Polish dairy farms
78 # 54
Mathematical modelling of the milking unit control system
78 # 47
The adapting of an offer for farming machines to users’ expectations – manufacturers’ opinions
78 # 61
The effect of the vacuum system stress on stabilization of the working vacuum milking machine
78 # 77
Vacuum stability in clusters working in alternate and simultaneous milking system for different of milking machines
79 # 108
The analysis of total load influence of milking pipeline of milking machine on changes of vacuum in air pipeline and ability of its control
79 # 128
The effect of vacuum tank on basic vacuum parameters of a milking unit
8 # 1037
Representation of operation and maintenance knowledge in an advisory system on an example of food processing industry equipment
80 # 170
Cost analysis of carrot roots production in selected farms
80 # 144
Device for opening and turning upper layers of soil
80 # 158
Methodological conditions of determination of purpose function while choosing machinery and equipment for agricultural production
80 # 162
Usefulness of machines for sharing in agriculture
81 # 192
Influence of natural fibres addition on selected mechanical properties of biopolimers sampels
81 # 196
Recycling as a landmark of technological and economic progress in agricultural engineering
84 # 45
Decision Support System for farm enterprises
86 # 297
ethod of Forecasting technical parameter values of state--of-the-art farm machines. Part No I. Forecasting technique for farm tractor parameters
86 # 311
Impact of the region and farmstead size on machinery outfit
86 # 310
Production and agricultural character of the region versus level of technical infrastructure in farmsteads
86 # 338
Run simulation for the tractor - potato planter farm unit
87 # 384
Engineering equipment and work efficiency in selected farms
87 # 347
Modelling of operation process for engineering facilities using dynamic Bayesian networks
87 # 394
Steerability of a farm unit: tractor - potato planter
87 # 350
The studies on the parameters of the machine for filling the elevator supplied with frequency converter
87 # 348
The use of the thermovision in field reliability tests of agricultural machines
88 # 456
Assumptions of the new selection method of agricultural machines
88 # 435
Farmstead owner's age versus reconstruction value of the machine park
88 # 434
Influence of using farm machines on the costs of mechanization in farmsteads with different area size
88 # 432
Technical means of work in farmsteads with different level of adaptation to farm and environmental requirements
88 # 424
Texture classification using Support Vector Machine
90 # 1781
Computer aid design of rotary tiller parameters. Part I – kinematics
90 # 1771
Determining the value of basic technical parameters for modern harvester combines with the use of ANN
90 # 1789
Model of optimized method of making a choice between purchasing a machine and custom service
91 # 1745
Agroecolgical strategy for choosing running systems for agricultural machinery
91 # 1756
Means of mechanization in polish agriculture on the background of selected European Union countries
91 # 1743
Settings of front-mounted plough bodies and their effect on functional efficiency
94 # 1895
Area structure of agricultural farms vs. effect of the Union fund use for machine equipment
95 # 1904
Absolute pressure control in cow milking unit
95 # 1923
Analysis of conditions and ways to store agricultural equipment to prevent corrosion wear
95 # 1930
Polish terminology in agricultural engineering
95 # 1921
Specification of general design requirements for agricultural machines. Part I. Cultivation machinery
96 # 1943
Factors affecting suitability of machines for collective use
96 # 1953
Multi-criterion selection of machines and equipment used to prepare feed for cattle
96 # 1937
Thermal effects in spraying machine in the aspect of application of biological plant pesticides
97 # 1989
Assessment of atomizers for potato spraying in the aspect of uniform plant covering with liquid
97 # 1990
opryskiwacze polowe, rozpylacze płaskostrumieniowe, rozkład poprzeczny
97 # 2003
The use of potential production capacities of machine stock in ecological farms
99 # 2016
Affect of type of agricultural tractor-machine outfit on soil compaction in the arable layer
99 # 2046
Load of I.C.E.- powered sawing machine engine and amount of toxic components in exhaust gas
99 # 2029
Swing plough body working draft and quality of work
99 # 2015
The impact of soil loosening depth on the demand of power for driving the gramegna shoveling machine
99 # 2068
The impact of work technique during timber cutting on vibrations and forces on I.C.E.-powered sawing machine grips
99 # 2057
Timber hardness impact on the level of vibrations in I.C.E.-powered sawing machine grips during cutting
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