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10 # 1481
Method to grain losses optimization in the process of combine harvesting of the cereals
100 # 2101
Yield losses during harvest of various sugar beet cultivars
110 # 2445
Evaluation of crops and losses during harvest of sugar beet roots in years 2005-2007
120 # 2700
Quality assessment for plant biomass-based briquettes produced using worm type compacting unit
122 # 2776
Impact of the period of storage on changes of physical properties of potato tubers
129 # 2970
The impact of threshing units on maize kernel separation rates and losses
19 # 1010
Effect of blanching, drying and rehydration on changes in onion dry matter content
19 # 1004
Evaluating the operation quality of single-row and six-row sugar beet harvesters
21 # 466
Analysis of flow rate on sectional shutter screen of variable inclination angle
21 # 484
Analysis of the losses and damages of carrot roots harvested with a Simon single-row harvester
21 # 506
Impact of ear conveyor in Bizon combine harvester on harvesting process and losses of the rape seeds
28 # 1596
Water losses reduction in rural pipe nets as an important aspect of water management
33 # 641
The influence of a Simon harvester's operational parameters on the quality of carrot roots harvesting
45 Tom II # 1129
Analysis of water consumption at Dukla village in 1975-2000
51 # 1653
Pigsty heat balancing by steaming water sprayed in the air
51 # 1645
The metchod of recording and transyerse distribution estimating of seeds losser at rape dessication
52 # 813
Attempt of estimation of seeds losses at rape desiccation with Avans and Reglone preparations
63 # 1359
Identification of transverse distribution of seed losses during combine harvesting of rape
64 # 752
Analysis of fuel oil, biofuel and lpg combustion in a heating furnace at various mixture of fuel and air
66 # 1284
An attempt of rape seeds losses reduction during desiccation operations
67 # 928
Effect of chosen factors on heat consumption during electric heating of garden substrate
70 # 1220
Assessment of quantitative losses of potato tubers -part 1. The sprouting losses
70 # 1221
Assessment of quantitative losses of potato tubers -part 2. The natural losses
70 # 1216
Effect of impulse eclectic field on storage losses of potato tubers
70 # 1215
Effect of variable magnetic field on storage losses of potato tubers
71 # 1434
Effect of desiccation treatments on the shapeliness and losses of the rape seeds
71 # 1439
Impregnation of the apples in order to getting food enriched with vitamin C
77 # 7
Separating and losses of grain on longitudinally inclined working plane of shutter’s sieve
79 # 132
Comparison of combustion of oil, biofuel and lpg in a heat furnace - at different pressure of fuel
8 # 1036
Metabolic and climatic factors affecting heat balance in piggery buildings
80 # 135
Conception and research work on an effectiveness improvement of a sieve and aerodynamic separator in a hilly area
80 # 167
Impact of insulation properties on the process of seed expansion in hot air stream
81 # 208
Assessment of sugar beet varieties cultivated in the Czech Republic
81 # 223
Losses and pod damage caused by double row harvester for string bean harvesting
82 # 233
Results of research on an increase of effectiveness of cleaning lettuce seeds (Lactuca sativa L.)
86 # 329
Effect of feed preservation technology for feeds from grasslands for nutrient losses
87 # 398
The effect of gymnospermous and angiospermous barley sowing concentration on crop and losses during harvesting
88 # 460
Modeling the threshing process when using artificial neural networks
91 # 1761
Effect of some factors on quality indices of loading digger
95 # 1910
Influence of storage time on potato bulb mass loss during peeling
95 # 1919
Influence of the green fodders harvesting on the quality of producing silages
96 # 1969
Efficiency of using a modernised haulm separation conveyor in potato cropping machines
97 # 1998
Relations between tuber density growth and selected potato properties during storage
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