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10 # 1475
Lands of tractor wheels on the ground at travelling on the slope
100 # 2082
Analysis of the variability of bucket milking machine reliability indices in the aspect of the periodical technical maintenance
102 # 2159
Effect of wheel track depth and air pressure in tyres on tractor wheel loads on the soil
102 # 2150
Rheological properties of biodegradable material determined on the basis of a cyclic stress relaxation test
104 # 2235
Analysis of tractor driving force trajectory
105 # 2268
Computer test for estimation of intellectual workload
107 # 2312
The impact of wheat grain storage conditions on germination ability
107 # 2302
Using of the “CHMI” technique to determine resistance to bruising for Melrose variety apples
110 # 2413
Tests of dynamic normal load for tractor drive wheels
114 # 2515
Implementation of mathematical model of loads for trailer used in livestock animal transport
119 # 2663
Reaction of fibreboards made of wood and straw on cyclic load changes
119 # 2657
Research on the impact of selected parameters of tractor drive tyres on aggregate structure of light soil in wheel tracks
129 # 2953
The air flow resistance during ground wheat grain aeration
132 # 3099
The level and structure of means of transport and loader resources on organic farms
136 # 3152
Assessment of traction properties of a tractor equipped with different types of tyres
136 # 3177
Efficiency analysis of changing a rate group on the example of a sewage treatment plant
136 # 3183
Influence of multiple loading of carrot root on the value of surface compression
136 # 3151
Traction assessment of universal farm tractor tyres
137 # 3213
Influence of caryopses moisture and vertical load on their energy and germination ability
145 # 3428
Distribution of surface pressure of apples at impact loading
146 # 3448
Impact of the crop technology on the index value of mechanical damage to potato tuber
150 # 3570
Distribution of surface pressure of avocado fruit at impact loads
156 # 3679
Assessment of the change in the rolling resistance of a wheel in varied field conditions
156 # 3688
The impact of wheel spacing on allowable force applied to the axis of the agricultural vehicle
21 # 508
Improving the method to determine the load of potato harvesting machines
21 # 474
Preliminary estimation of transport utilization in the forests on an example of forestry transport division in Gorzów Wielkopolski
21 # 475
Preliminary estimation of transport utilization in the forests on an example of forestry transport division in Gorzów Wielkopolski
21 # 491
Process of soil separation on the chain web
45 Tom II # 1152
Calculating of load in the rural low voltage power networks
52 # 811
The analysis and evaluation of the energy consumption and the costs of various technologies of preparing soil for sowing
52 # 799
The method of loading and unloading and expenses related to transport of unpacked root plants
52 # 798
Type of production and the size of transportation and equipment with transportation vehicles
63 # 1353
Evaluation of transport technology in agriculture
63 # 1358
Performance of an on-site cogeneration plant for a farm taking into account varying demand for electric power and heat
63 # 1331
Possibility of stochastic instability of agricultural implements’ vibration in soil
66 # 1316
Analysis of the impact of asymmetric loads of rural subscribers on the quality of electric power in lv lines
66 # 1314
Mechanization of loading vs. expenditure on agricultural transport Part 1 – productivity and expenditure
66 # 1315
Mechanization of loading vs. expenditure on agricultural transport Part II statistical analysis
66 # 1299
Methodical aspects of determining bruise susceptibility of apples
66 # 1317
Reologic properties of varied structure apple flesh
66 # 1301
Working time and physiological workload in glasshouses and film tunnels
68 # 1369
Analysis of front loader dynamics during separated filling of the bucket with granular material
68 # 1364
Analysis of front loader dynamics in phase of the bucket turn into granular medium heap
68 # 1390
Filling the grain silo by means a rotary chute. Part 2. Model verification
78 # 60
The Method of Creating a Replacing Cycle of the Engine Load in Farm Vehicles the Example on the Farm Tractor U 912
8 # 1029
Test of stress relaxation in plant material under conditions of dynamic load - technical implementation
94 # 1872
Evaluation of loads transported one time as related to type of transportation and size of agricultural farm
99 # 2069
Production organisation at dispatch-handling timber yard, which additionally manufactures simple wood products
99 # 2034
Time density characteristic as a Simple load cycle for research agricultural tractors
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