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10 # 1505
An attempt to formalize the description of microclimate formation system in buildings for cattle
10 # 1507
Problems of determining air flow resistance and dimensioning ventilation system in the piggeries
100 # 2113
The air temperature in a space of inventory buildings which are exposed on sunny radiation
118 # 2624
Production trend and simplification, and the number of farm buildings in farms
19 # 1015
Computational ambient temperatures and their impact on heat balance of a livestock building
19 # 1016
Effect of multi-layer partition structure on the phenomenon of water vapour condensation in external wall of a livestock building
21 # 479
Effect of the thickness of heat insulating layer on formation of water vapour condensation plane in external wall a livestock building
21 # 480
Occurence of water vapour condensation plane in external wall of a livestock building
56 # 524
Energetic and ecological aspects of utilizing secondary heat the air from livestock building ventilation system
66 # 1297
Comparison of temperatures in livestock halls, determined based on heat balance calculated with various methods
96 # 1941
Impact of temperature in auxiliary rooms on thermal balance in buildings for cattle
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