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105 # 2266
Modelling of ecological threats during renovation of agricultural machinery elements
125 # 2858
Critical evaluation of the possibility of adapting the LCA method for the raw materials production in agriculture
139 # 3278
Influence of the selected parameters of sowing on shaping life space of field bean plants
145 # 3424
Innovativeness in technologies and agricultural technique
146 # 3440
Analysis of microwave-vaccum drying of red pepper
146 # 3456
Impact of the selected sowing parameters on shaping a life space of wheat plants
147 # 3504
Analysis of drying of red peppers the fountain bed with microwave heating
147 # 3502
The influence of temperature drying medium of the kinetics drying, polyphenols and antioxidant activity fountain dried red peppers
151 # 3579
Determination of the environmental impact of a new biomass logistics chain
74 # 1243
Computer aided test of environmental burden of agricultural machinery by LCA method
87 # 356
The effect of using rape-seed oil as fuel on life of injection system in the ZS engines
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