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102 # 2133
The use of Boussinesque’s equation to determine stresses in soil caused by the action of machine units
110 # 2450
Shear strength of sub-arable layer in brown soils of Szczecin Lowland
122 # 2781
Impact of the kind of surface layer on the course of wear of plough share chisels
130 # 2992
Multi-objective optimization of the burnishing process on the basis of regression equations for particular agricultural machinery parts
130 # 3010
Numerical simulation of physical phenomena during the burnishing rolling in regeneration of parts of agricultural machinery
141 # 3350
The surface layer properties of bowl cutter knives for grinding meat in the aspect of loss wear
146 # 3445
An attempt to determine surface pressures of apples in the single box in the aspect of its usefulness for transport and storage
21 # 479
Effect of the thickness of heat insulating layer on formation of water vapour condensation plane in external wall a livestock building
74 # 1237
JSP Technology in network distributed applications applied to community real estate market
77 # 18
The possibility of application of shear (tore) vane to assessment of soil cohesion
86 # 328
Implementation technology of real estate management and turnover system
93 # 1845
The influence of raw product and method of conducting the process on the physical properties of the obtained dried material
93 # 1833
Water vapour adsorption by multi-layer biscuits
97 # 2006
Modelling problems for processes in potato store
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