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10 # 1472
Functions of the scientific committees of the Polish Academy of Sciences in research coordination and integration of the scientific community (exemplified by the Committee of Agricultural Engineering, PAS)
102 # 2151
Analysis of the costs of thermal energy production in a local boiler house using biomass
123 # 2819
Conception of the Flexible System of Network Recommendation Services Model of the recommendation system in the form of a Bayesian network
131 # 3064
Decision process modelling in the integrated agricultural production system
137 # 3199
Using Drupal CMS for implementation of knowledge management system in plant production
18 # 1511
Strategies of development of Polish agriculture compared with world trends
33 # 691
Determination of some technological properties of the microwave treated barley and wheat grain
41 # 562
Possibilities of a village's spatial structure improvement on territories of a large land disaggregation (presented in the Lapsze Wyżne village as an example)
45 Tom I # 1116
Attempt at an assessment of assistant policy for rural infrastructure development in the eve of integration with the European Union
51 # 1620
Integration of ktr pan i ptir on behalf of scientific staff development
52 # 802
Agricultural production extensification through agricultural environmental program (forecast for the south of Poland)
52 # 797
The number of members in a collective group in a case of collective utilization of agricultural machines in the opinion of farmers
64 # 736
Preliminary assessment of the degree of disintegration of fodder components, and steam pressure on kinetic resistance of granulated
69 # 838
Releasing the proteins from yeast cells Saccharomyces cerevisiae
94 # 1890
Business intelligence systems
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