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117 # 2603
The impact of tractor engine injection system wear on exhaust gas temperature in field conditions
123 # 2803
Multi-phase injection of fuel for compression-ignition engines equipped with an in-line injection pump
130 # 2988
The influence of the application of multiphase injection on firing pressure flow in the engine cylinder of a farm tractor
143 # 3365
Modeling of fuel injection into the combustion chamber in a compression ignition engine with AVL Fire
21 # 501
Diagnostic evaluation of technical condition of the electronic injection systems in the engines of spark ignition
68 # 1377
Application of the neural networks to diagnostics of fuel injection system in diesel engines
74 # 1249
Application of rough sets in diagnostics of diesel fuel injection systems
81 # 192
Influence of natural fibres addition on selected mechanical properties of biopolimers sampels
82 # 267
Research of combustion processes of diesel oil and rape biofuels
87 # 356
The effect of using rape-seed oil as fuel on life of injection system in the ZS engines
99 # 2031
Neural model allowing to locate defects in injection pumps
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