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10 # 1495
Effectivenes of technical work equipment on the family farms
100 # 2106
Analysis of the justness of using the computer system for managing a herd of cows, ALPRO, in the light of economic indices
100 # 2094
Technical development index and productivity in the aspect of plant production simplification
103 # 2178
Influence of soil cone index on vertical forces acting on the cultivator tools
104 # 2245
Energy expenditure in the beer barrelling process in a brewery
108 # 2350
Logistic infrastructure costs in agricultural enterprises
110 # 2453
Assessment of cow dung removal and storage in the aspect of employed solutions and equipment on the example of cowsheds in Pomorze Zachodnie region
114 # 2516
The impact of change in parameters of atomised stream setting on liquid fall under selected fan atomizer
117 # 2592
On the optimal control of temperature and CO2 concentration in greenhouse
117 # 2581
Technical and economic analysis for developing farms in the aspect of plant production simplification
118 # 2642
Optimal control of temperature and carbon dioxide concentration in selected greenhouse climate process
121 # 2757
Ecological and operating aspects in the process of machinery and equipment use, and renovation. The concept of a model system for regeneration of parts and renovation of replaceable units in farm machines in the aspect of environment protection (part II)
123 # 2824
Methodical aspects of determination of scientific and technical progress in macro- and microeconomic tests
123 # 2838
Psychochemical and utility properties of B50 biofuels composed in summer and winter versions for the purpose of supplying power to agricultural vehicles
123 # 2817
Technical infrastructure of farms vs. efficiency of milk production in mountainous areas
133 # 3048
Influence of selected control quality index on milking parameters in milking units in a milk piepeline
134 # 3124
Assessment of application of a new quadric-quarter milking machine structure for determination of selected parameters of cow’s milking abilities
146 # 3433
Assessment indices of barns with a varied maintenance system of dairy cows
146 # 3437
Energy assessment of alternative technologies of preparing land for winter barley sowing
151 # 3602
Application reporting yield forecasts of selected crops in Poland
151 # 3588
Energy efficiency of hybrid rye cultivation in relation to the manner of soil cultivation
152 # 3613
Automatic indexing of information resources concerning agriculture in Polish
18 # 1514
Characteristic of chosen components of the mass of potato ridge by means of video-computer method
33 # 677
Inergy consumption and profitability in the use of the green manuers of potato fertiiization
36 # 1074
Realibility evaluation of the pumping stations used in flood protections systems
45 Tom I # 1109
Changes in lands as an index of modernization in the Polish country
67 # 918
Dependence between the dry mass and starch content and the potato bulb mechanical damage indices
71 # 1427
Determination of starch index in the apples by using of computer image analysis
71 # 1461
Effect of micronizatroion on the activity of everlasting pea neurotoxin determined by using of bromocresol purple index (BCPI)
74 # 1241
Feasibility study of Polar metods and computer program to heart rate meausurement
76 # 43
Study on the corn seed scattering process by using mechanical seed drills
79 # 93
Cone index increments of the clay soils compacted by tractor wheels
82 # 250
A computer analysis of pictures in assessment of starch disintegration during apple ripening
82 # 260
Influence of wheat storage in a rectangular prism silo on grain hardness index
86 # 309
Level and structure of labor expenditures in selected fruit-growing farmsteads
86 # 307
Local unit change of the contour of plough shares as a coefficient of their wear resistance
87 # 396
Changes of non-uniformity of rape seeds sowing index as a result of some parameters and calculating procedures
91 # 1742
Effectiveness of herbicides selectivity applied in maize monoculture with of leaf area index (LAI) and mean tip angle (MTA)
93 # 1818
An application of selected methods of image analysis during the observation of starch decomposition in apples
94 # 1881
Facilitation of plant production vs. scientific-technical progress and its effectiveness in selected agricultural farms
95 # 1913
Production trend vs. technical effectiveness of agricultural farm modernization
96 # 1944
Potato tuber cropping and susceptibility to mechanical damage related to hydrothermal coefficient
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