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100 # 2101
Yield losses during harvest of various sugar beet cultivars
103 # 2224
Describing of sorption isotherms with selected equations using the Excel spreadsheet
103 # 2217
Using of the MPC type controller for convection rying process control
105 # 2277
Measurement system for seeds humidity distribution analysis
107 # 2311
Moisture content of robinia (False Acacia) wood in the aspect of its use for energy production purposes
107 # 2330
The impact of humidity on grain loss and damage during combine harvesting of crops
108 # 2341
Changes in humidity of Salix Viminalis L. willow sprouts during seasoning
108 # 2365
Regression modelling of the process involving wheat seed humidity change during storage
109 # 2404
Description of new design of an instrument measuring soil humidity
109 # 2398
Using virtual instruments in seeds humidity measurements
110 # 2445
Evaluation of crops and losses during harvest of sugar beet roots in years 2005-2007
110 # 2439
Timber skidding effect on selected physical and mechanical properties of forest soil
115 # 2564
Construction and operation of corn seed humidity sensor using near-infrared radiation
117 # 2576
Assessment of selected physical properties of black locust wood obtained in row midfield plantings as energy carrier
117 # 2598
Neural analysis of acoustic signal spectrum during determination of seed physical properties
119 # 2683
Aerodynamic properties of soybean seeds
119 # 2649
The impact of cereal straw humidity on the compaction degree of obtained briquettes
120 # 2726
Spectrophotometric calibration in a reflection probe model for dynamic soil humidity measurement
122 # 2778
Impact of humidity on physical and geometrical properties of slavic varieties of rye grains
126 # 2932
Assessment of the influence of humidity on the basic physical properties of the Luba variety buckwheat seeds
126 # 2926
The influence of pine and poplar wood chips humidity on briquetting parameters
129 # 2963
Analysis of changes in the grain mass volume for the selected crop species, occurring under load
129 # 2937
Analysis of selected soil properties for various cultivation technologies
129 # 2973
Assessment of the influence of humidity on basic physical properties of the Luba variety buckwheat seeds
129 # 2953
The air flow resistance during ground wheat grain aeration
129 # 2947
The impact of humidity and vertical pressure on unit flow resistance values for air flowing through the barley grain layer
133 # 3028
Determination of soil humidity in its sur-arable layer based on capillary pottential measure
139 # 3286
It service of the laboratory stand for measuring soil humidity
143 # 3359
Preliminary investigation of moisture stability of extrudated products
31 # 1678
Optimization ofmicrowave's drying offood products
33 # 692
Errors in calculation of selected parameters of air treated as a drying agent using humidity meter with a psychometric sensor
60 # 1570
Humidity measurements of food powders by dielectric non-contact method
60 # 1551
Initial results of investigations on the extrusion of highly raw materials E.G. maize grouts
61 # 1160
Using the neural network to estimate the air relative humidity on the basis of its temperature value
78 # 81
Influence of humidity on grain seed crushing energy consumption
86 # 324
Analysis of calorific value of crop residue of dent corn
87 # 411
Immediate strength of seeds of two lentil subspecies (Lens culinaris Medic.)
93 # 1817
A comparison of air temperature and humidity distributionin fermentation-ripening chambers
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