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10 # 1506
Influence of different heating systems in the nests for piglets on formation of thermal conditions
103 # 2201
The impact of tubular housing geometrical parameters on power output of wind power plant
114 # 2488
The issues of cattle breeding in cow sheds without thermal insulation
115 # 2526
Ventilation in cowsheds without thermal insulation
151 # 3597
Comparison of greenhouse gas emissions during summer from fattening pigs, kept either on fully slatted floor or on deep litter
152 # 3620
The acquisition and processing database system "Animal Housing Technologies"
153 # 3642
Economic analysis of non-litter cattle barns
36 # 1077
Organizational changes in National Forestes versus housing needs in Forestries - Złoty Potok example
79 # 130
The influence of type of housing systems on young cows cleaness and hygienic quality of milk
96 # 1947
Identification of measurement spots for loads upon farm tractor drive shaft housing
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