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103 # 2180
Determination of the demand for effective power of a flywheel shredding unit equipped with extra working elements
109 # 2386
Modelling of hop manufacturers’ information needs
118 # 2614
Hop producers’ information needs in the aspect of hop-garden structure repair
122 # 2767
Information needs of hop producers regarding the transplantation of plants
151 # 3580
Internet market of spare parts for agricultural machines
35 # 890
Internet system for decision support In hop replanting
63 # 1356
Thermal efficiency of membrane and non-membrane hop-drier air-heaters
95 # 1917
Agricultural equipment dealerships in maintenance and repair system of agricultural engineering
99 # 2042
Influence of the working clearance of the flywheel chopping unit on the chopping quality and energetic of corn plants
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