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10 # 1480
The quality of produced haylage as affected by the moisture content of green crop treated with microbioiogical-enzimatic additive and harvested with a rolling baler
110 # 2427
The impact of physiographic conditions on the amount of labour and objectified work during hay production
130 # 2977
Analysis of distribution of microbiological preparation in bales of moist hay formed in round baler
132 # 3112
Verifying the properties of grass haylage from anaerobic processing
21 # 477
Preliminary evaluating the quality of moist hay picked up with a round big-baler and treated with Inoculant 1155 microbiological additive
70 # 1185
Determination of optimum conditions for drying up partially withered green forage
81 # 202
Capital intensity of preservation of fodder from pastures in the beskid niski area
86 # 329
Effect of feed preservation technology for feeds from grasslands for nutrient losses
87 # 349
Analysis of temperature changes in hay bales with microbiological preparation (Inoculant 1155) added
90 # 1766
Temperature measurement of damp hay with the help of microprocessor gauges 1-Wire
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