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10 # 1481
Method to grain losses optimization in the process of combine harvesting of the cereals
10 # 1487
Prognostics of qualitative and energetic indices of potato harvester operation
100 # 2081
Evaluation of the raspberries harvest quality of the Weremczuk’s firm „Natalia” combine
100 # 2101
Yield losses during harvest of various sugar beet cultivars
102 # 2147
Comparative studies on the quality of farm machines
102 # 2127
Effect of the longitudinal inclination of a two-plane sieve on the purity of seeds harvested using a combine harvester
103 # 2216
The impact of kinematic parameters of the shaking mechanism in the widepitch conveyor on the separation process efficiency
107 # 2310
Technical and functional characteristics compared to the value of selected technical means of production in agriculture
108 # 2354
Assessment of energy willow harvest carried out using power scythe
108 # 2361
Dependence between qualitative losses of gymnosperm barley seeds and combine harvester control parameters
110 # 2416
Assessment of plant usability for alternative cultivation using typical technological systems
110 # 2445
Evaluation of crops and losses during harvest of sugar beet roots in years 2005-2007
110 # 2424
Using experimental design to obtain a set of machines for biomass harvest mechanisation on the example of common reed
115 # 2559
Fixed date for harvesting and freezing procedure in the process of acquiring sweet corn grain for food production purposes
115 # 2560
The modelling of complex production system – relation model of fruit farm
117 # 2580
Combine harvesters in family-operated farms in the Lublin district
119 # 2658
The impact of loading silty soil with sugar beet harvester wheels on its physical properties
120 # 2692
Constructional design of a machine for harvesting energy plants grown without rows
120 # 2698
Evaluation of selected harvesters picking corn cobs using the “Complex Index” method
122 # 2790
Impact of automatic control of working units on the quality of work of combine-harvesters
124 # 2853
Two-stage motion of particles in the discharge spout of forage harvester
129 # 2954
Model harvest technologies and costs of biomass production from the three-year-old energy willow
133 # 3046
Comparative assessment of New Holland CS 6070 combine harvester with Bizon Rekord Z-058 combine
139 # 3281
Exploitation evaluation of the selected combine harvesters for harvesting grain with the complex index method
140 # 3303
Innovative solutions in potato harvesting techniques
141 # 3332
Evaluation of contaminations occurring after a mechanical collection of ground cover
145 # 3398
The influence of mechatronic starting knotters actuating mechanism on parameters and quality of work of the wicker harvesting machine
146 # 3448
Impact of the crop technology on the index value of mechanical damage to potato tuber
147 # 3485
Determination of the skidding road deformation caused by multiple crossings of Mht 8002 HV caterpillar harvester
148 # 3523
Method of external assessment of the quality of sugar beet roots
149 # 3551
Annual use as a criterion of selection of the form of use of a grain combine harvester
152 # 3624
Values of the binding force of common seabuckthorn with a plant
155 # 3663
Monitoring of typical field work in different soil conditions using remote sensing – a literature review and some concepts for the future
18 # 1531
Analysis of the research film with the use of multimedia card mirovideo dc 30
19 # 996
Application of artificial neural networks to modelling of grain losses rising in a combine harvester
19 # 1004
Evaluating the operation quality of single-row and six-row sugar beet harvesters
19 # 998
Proportions in the inputs of human labour and mechanized work in the processes of cereal crop harvesting and production.
21 # 484
Analysis of the losses and damages of carrot roots harvested with a Simon single-row harvester
21 # 500
Combine harvesters in Poland and the EU countries
21 # 503
Course of damaging seeds at mechanical harvest
21 # 506
Impact of ear conveyor in Bizon combine harvester on harvesting process and losses of the rape seeds
21 # 508
Improving the method to determine the load of potato harvesting machines
21 # 513
Influence of french bean plant characteristics on selected indices of pod harvesting quality
33 # 641
The influence of a Simon harvester's operational parameters on the quality of carrot roots harvesting
35 # 877
Information - based electronic system for diagnosing and testing of a combine
53 # 594
Assessment of microwave stimulation of potato bulbs
53 # 596
Technology and techniques of cross-cutting in timber yards
63 # 1328
Effectivity of grain screening at various shape and configuration of the sieve shutters
63 # 1359
Identification of transverse distribution of seed losses during combine harvesting of rape
63 # 1327
Loss of grain in a grain combine cleaning assembley equipped with a canopy sieve
66 # 1277
The effect of sieve shoe inclination on throughput of canopy sieve and grain cleanness
67 # 952
Estimation of the effectiveness of modernization in plant production technologies on the example of sugar beet harvesting
67 # 942
Growing grass for seeds in terms of seeding material quality and involved expenditure
68 # 1366
Analysis of diagnostic parameter of the combine harvester gear assembly with the use of artificial neural network
68 # 1400
Application of computer technique to modeling and simulation of selected operations in forage harvester
68 # 1375
Set of the equipment to mapping grain yield mountedon a combine harvester
69 # 853
Microbiologic evaluation of wheat dried in a metal silo monitored by process controller
71 # 1423
Effect of draing temperature and technique on selected quality factors of the rape seeds
77 # 14
A distribution of indexes’ capacity and purity of screen mass on multiplane sieve
77 # 41
Assesment of costs and energy constumption on sugar beet harvesting in Podkarpacie
77 # 27
Kinematical aspects of moving the grainy materials in process of sieve separation
77 # 13
The comparative analysis of aerodynamic stream in cereal combines harve-ster in light of investigative conception
77 # 6
The effect of area inclination on cleaner grains by combine harvester BIZON Z 058 equipped in canopy sieve
79 # 119
Soybean cultivation and harvesting
80 # 135
Conception and research work on an effectiveness improvement of a sieve and aerodynamic separator in a hilly area
80 # 170
Cost analysis of carrot roots production in selected farms
81 # 208
Assessment of sugar beet varieties cultivated in the Czech Republic
81 # 202
Capital intensity of preservation of fodder from pastures in the beskid niski area
81 # 223
Losses and pod damage caused by double row harvester for string bean harvesting
81 # 222
Work conditions of two-step combine harvester cleaning system and crop quality of string bean pods
82 # 247
Corelations between chosen parameters of air and barley grain, dried in a thick, motionless layer using low-temperature method
86 # 301
The role of horticultural engineering in development of Polish hortculture production
86 # 327
Working quality of new sugar-beet harvesters
87 # 404
Technological mixture separation process on pin hump in potato harvester
88 # 442
Chainsaw harvest of power willow
88 # 454
Damages to naked and covered barley during harvester cropping
88 # 460
Modeling the threshing process when using artificial neural networks
90 # 1771
Determining the value of basic technical parameters for modern harvester combines with the use of ANN
93 # 1828
Testing the influence of rate of drying medium on correlation between selected parameters of air and barley grain dried using low-temperature method
93 # 1827
The influence of drying and storage method on selected qualitative discriminants of rape seeds
93 # 1826
The influence of used drying and storage method on composition of fatty acids in rape seeds
96 # 1969
Efficiency of using a modernised haulm separation conveyor in potato cropping machines
96 # 1933
Selected physical properties of a three-year-old energy willow
99 # 2047
Analysis of productivity during mechanical timber acquisition on the example of Valmet 901.3 harvester and Valmet 840.2 forwarder
99 # 2054
Dependence between duration of working shift and forest machines efficiency
99 # 2065
Investigations on high-duty machinery for logging carried out by Section of Forest Mechanization Warsaw Agricultural University
99 # 2063
The impact of harvester technical and operating parameters on selected energy indicators during carrot root harvesting
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