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103 # 2203
The impact of granulated feed mix grinding degree on kinetic strength of the granules and on animal production output
103 # 2220
The impact of wheat seeds size on energy consumption of their grinding process
111 # 2463
The effect of grinding parameters on particle size of cellulose
111 # 2482
The impact of material grinding on proportioning process
115 # 2546
Using the RRSB model to predict separation of mixture used for production of pellets and briquettes
122 # 2764
Energy expenditures in the process of grinding of chips of the willow Salix viminalis L.
125 # 2880
The impact of cultivator tine finishing on its fatigue wear
125 # 2873
The impact of humidity on the direct energy consumption in the process of grinding rye and triticale grains
134 # 3148
Energy consumption of grinding process of sweetcorn cobs stems
141 # 3344
Influence of various methods of preparing rye seed for grinding on flour extract and bran content
149 # 3553
Some physical properties of cereal grain and energy consumption of grinding
150 # 3576
Impact of drying parameters and methods on the volume increase of dried apples during their rehydration
16 # 779
Effect of single grain position in working gap on energy consumption by roller crusher
60 # 1550
Influence of ray-gain features on the process of grinding
60 # 1549
Influence of ray-grain temperature on grinding
71 # 1459
Effect of oil addition to wheat grain on energy consumption in grinding process
71 # 1447
Grinding of grain in a crushing mill at one– and two stage process
78 # 57
Evaluation of influence of the mixing wormgear's rotation speed with the vertical working element to the fodder components mixing up degree
78 # 58
Evaluation of influence of time of mixing up to the step of fodder mixing components in the blender with the vertical working element
82 # 268
Influence of time of grinding of a ring matrix on loads in working system of the granulator in fodder granulation process
93 # 1823
The influence of grinding operation on the quality of red beet seeds
93 # 1822
The tests of leaching process of ground red beet seeds
96 # 1939
Assessment of energy consumption for grinding of wheat grain previously put to crushing
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