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102 # 2124
Evaluation of chan ges in maximum traction force of tyres of the grass type on sodded ground
102 # 2125
Preliminary evaluation of changes in the traction properties of sod of different botanical composition
110 # 2412
Sod use intensity and its traction properties
110 # 2427
The impact of physiographic conditions on the amount of labour and objectified work during hay production
112 # 2374
Analysis of reasons for changes in cropping of selected grass species caused by repeated tractor wheel runs
115 # 2552
The agricultural production balancing in the aspect of grassland resources and livestock
126 # 2907
Selected properties of pellets made of grass obtained from home lawn
130 # 3012
The influence of multiple tractor crossings on the growth and cropping dynamics of Lolium perenne L perennial rye-grass
130 # 3008
Using a fountain dryer for drying of couch grass runners
132 # 3106
An analysis of biogas production from grass silage as dependent upon feed quality
132 # 3112
Verifying the properties of grass haylage from anaerobic processing
133 # 3050
Physical and chemical properties of plant raw materials used for biofuels production
134 # 3118
Comparison of biogas yield from three types of silage: maize, lucerne and grass silage
140 # 3312
Impact of the applied sprayers in leaf fertilization on the size and quality of timothy grass seeds crop (Phleum pratense L.)
151 # 3598
Impact of thermal treatment of grass pea on the content of selected chemical components
155 # 3674
Cultivation technology and grass and legume plants yield in various conditions of soil moisture
45 Tom II # 1142
The influence of the preliminary sprinkling bed on the mountain house-hold wastewater treatment plant efficiency
53 # 585
The influence of tractor wheel passes on morphometrical properties of soil under grassland
62 # 701
Yield monitoring of grass based on plant material layer thickness measured between the rear feeding rolls of the trailed forage harveste
67 # 942
Growing grass for seeds in terms of seeding material quality and involved expenditure
80 # 151
The influence of multiple passes on morphometrical properties of soil under grassland
81 # 202
Capital intensity of preservation of fodder from pastures in the beskid niski area
86 # 329
Effect of feed preservation technology for feeds from grasslands for nutrient losses
90 # 1767
System for automatic grass and weeds recognition
91 # 1737
Chemical methods for reusing of devasted permanent grassland
91 # 1736
Efficacy and residues of herbicides applied on perennial grassland
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