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103 # 2195
Plate granulation of wheat bran with using of yeast slurry as a bing liquids
111 # 2460
Germination analysis for coated radish seeds, carried out using four selected bed types
111 # 2477
The impact of coating process on selected physical properties of obtained products
126 # 2910
The impact of raw material composition in DKA-S and DKA-G mixes on granulation process efficiency
60 # 1547
Granulation of carrot seeds
67 # 921
Effect of fat content on granulation of feeds
80 # 175
Impact of fibre content on the process of granulation of feed materials
82 # 284
Influence of the shape of the surface of extruding rolls on durability
82 # 268
Influence of time of grinding of a ring matrix on loads in working system of the granulator in fodder granulation process
82 # 278
Influence of use of whole wheat grains on effectiveness of granulation of fodder mixes
93 # 1863
Changes of selected physical properties of granulated product obtained with addition of different binding substances
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