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102 # 2142
Comparison of fuel consumption and working time for several alternative technologies of preparing soil for sowing
102 # 2123
The evaluation of simplified tillage in aspect of yields per acre, energy- and labor-consumption
130 # 2999
The influence of power transmission poles located on the field on operational indicators of machine units
137 # 3191
Evaluation of cultivation systems in relation to fuel consumption, plants cropping and soil properties
143 # 3360
Analysis of auto-cistern utilization in the field of milk purchase on the example of a small dairy plant
150 # 3554
Performance of selected cultivation machines in relation to fuel consumption
21 # 511
Fuel consumption by tractor-machine sets depending on the level of precison pair wear in fuel supply system
52 # 811
The analysis and evaluation of the energy consumption and the costs of various technologies of preparing soil for sowing
60 # 1539
Vessel technolical lines fule consumption effectivenes evalution
63 # 1335
Assessment of economics and energy requirement of various technologies of soil preparation for winter rape planting
63 # 1334
Economical assessment and energy requirement of various technologies of winter rape production
63 # 1343
Influence of mounted plough operation on the economy of tractor engine
70 # 1217
Analysis of rotary ripper main constructional and operating parameter impact on unit fuel consumption
79 # 120
Analysis of technical and technological parameters of winter rape production
80 # 148
Energy structure of energy consumption for winter wheat production on the example of a selected farm
81 # 220
Comparative assessment of fuel consumption by tractor engine fed with rapeseed biofuel and diesel fuel
91 # 1744
Analysis of energy parameters of tractor Ursus 1134
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