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100 # 2111
Optimization of friction welding parameters using genetic algorithms
102 # 2169
Investigation of the external friction coefficient and the angle of natural repose of cv. Bar and Radames lupine seeds
110 # 2450
Shear strength of sub-arable layer in brown soils of Szczecin Lowland
114 # 2496
The impact of sprinkling irrigation in a potato plantation on the value of tuber friction factor
115 # 2534
The impact of selected factors on friction coefficient values for shredded miscanthus giganteus sprouts
118 # 2613
External friction coefficient for selected feed granulates
122 # 2761
Characteristics of physical properties of selected varieties of spelt
147 # 3475
Analysis of traction properties of tyres on the forest subgrade of varied moisture
150 # 3574
Comparison of external friction coefficients for single seeds in the stabilised system
18 # 1515
Frictional properties of tubers, stones and soil clods
18 # 1518
The measurement of effective contact surface of friction materials
53 # 605
Connecting of spheroidal cast iron by friction welding
53 # 577
The influence of a soil type on certain parameters of Irg and Baszt potato varieties
62 # 702
Software of slide bearing construction process aid
64 # 749
Analysis of wear conditions and a method of repairing "bearing bush – journal" kinematic pair of the crankshaft of a S 400 engine
66 # 1311
Evaluation of selected physical properties of potato bulbs
68 # 1402
Analysis of the effect of hydraulic cylinder rotational couplings unalignment on its mechanical efficiency
68 # 1376
Application of computer image processing to determine the physical properties to potato tubers
70 # 1202
Influence of the type of maturing uprn selected properties of potato tubers
78 # 68
Research on the coefficient of external friction of corn grain in humidity function
81 # 181
Analytical dependence for determining pressure in hydrostatic lateral friction bearing
81 # 204
Selected mechanical parameters of rapeseeds
88 # 430
Influence of varietal characteristics on the bulb friction coefficient, which is of importance in the sorting of the potato harvest
90 # 1784
The supporting-educational system of constructing the forced-in joint
96 # 1946
The impact of potato plantation irrigation on tuber properties, which are important for cropping and aftercrop processing
99 # 2062
Work safety tests of sliding assosiations of type steel – aluminium lubricated with diesel oil with added RME
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