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115 # 2559
Fixed date for harvesting and freezing procedure in the process of acquiring sweet corn grain for food production purposes
117 # 2595
Comparative assessment of sugar corn grain acquisition for food purposes using cut off and threshing methods
134 # 3135
Colour durability of berry fruit stored in a frozen state
141 # 3325
Analysis of heat transfer during the freezing of vegetables by impingement fluidization
141 # 3333
Intensification of the process of pressing juices of the selected root vegetables with the use of the freezing technique
148 # 3517
Effect of the ultrasound on the carrot juices freezing process
149 # 3530
Critical reverse fluidization velocity of the selected vegetables
16 # 760
An attempt to evaluate the heat penetration coefficient at convection freezing of foodstuffs in air
31 # 1670
Use of artificial neuronal net to prognosing freezing time of food products
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