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10 # 1498
Methodical aspects of energetic value determination of different tree species grown on the mountain pastures
103 # 2190
Labour intensity of forest work in selected habitat types in the mountains
108 # 2359
Biomass versus agriculture
125 # 2855
Evaluation of traction efficiency of selected tyres on forest grounds
131 # 3082
Assessment of operating and economical parameters of the SR 2 plough for nursery uses
132 # 3110
Measurements of operating parameters for tractors in forest nurseries carried out using the GPS system
132 # 3111
Using the RE235734 radar from john deere to measure actual distance covered by a tractor on selected nursery grounds
133 # 3026
Assessment of changes of the forest grounds selected properties at different methods of logging
139 # 3258
Teaching in agricultural engineering – today and tomorrow
18 # 1535
Optical system aiding planimetrical measurements of seeds by using image analyses
18 # 1530
The use of computer-aided image analysis in the integrated forest inventory
21 # 474
Preliminary estimation of transport utilization in the forests on an example of forestry transport division in Gorzów Wielkopolski
21 # 475
Preliminary estimation of transport utilization in the forests on an example of forestry transport division in Gorzów Wielkopolski
36 # 1077
Organizational changes in National Forestes versus housing needs in Forestries - Złoty Potok example
41 # 561
Natural, technical and legal aspects of forest stand management
45 Tom I # 1106
Ecological, legal and planning problems of afforestation in the rural areas
45 Tom I # 1094
Rationalization of use agricultural lands in micro-basin of Opatówka river
45 Tom I # 1111
Spatial distribution of retention changes in Zielonka Forest for the use of engineering works
51 # 1622
Aftermath of appointment for the course of studies: agricultural and forestry technology
53 # 601
Forest stands structure and terrain geomorphology analysis in of geographic information systems environment
53 # 595
Selected software products for research of forest accessibility
53 # 596
Technology and techniques of cross-cutting in timber yards
63 # 1326
Evaluation of traction parameters of forest roads with various surface
63 # 1325
Traction parameters of tyres working on forest roads
66 # 1283
Education quality in the opinion of graduates of the faculty. Agricultural and forest technology
77 # 10
Evaluation of possibility to improve tyres’ traction properties under the forest road conditions
77 # 9
Evaluation of traction properties of tyres on different forests’ roads
77 # 12
Labour consumption and costs of forest work for selected type of forest site
81 # 206
Development of land threatened by erosion in terms of sustainable development
88 # 428
Optimization of the logging process in the aspect of natural environment contamination
90 # 1786
Emploment of neuron network for definition of effectiveness of work foresty shreder
99 # 2045
Operation efficiency of a set of self-propelled machines for timber acquisition on the example of Gidle Forest District Office
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