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103 # 2178
Influence of soil cone index on vertical forces acting on the cultivator tools
16 # 756
Effect of Moisture content on Adhesive properties of Galium apararine L. seeds
41 # 548
Environmental hazard and rural areas management
61 # 1164
Monitoring handling of potatoes by pressure measuring sphare (PMS-60)
63 # 1324
Analysis of traction properties of a microtractor wheel in various technologies of selected plants cultivation
63 # 1325
Traction parameters of tyres working on forest roads
74 # 1254
Aid system of beams solution for variant static loads
77 # 16
A model for the determination of the wheel resistance force results from the tyre deformation in the soil
77 # 10
Evaluation of possibility to improve tyres’ traction properties under the forest road conditions
77 # 9
Evaluation of traction properties of tyres on different forests’ roads
77 # 8
Evaluation of traction propriety of tyres in simplified technologies of tillage
78 # 75
Vertical forces applied to the tools having the form of straight wedge and skew-symmetrical wedge
79 # 94
Influence of working depth changeability on soil cutting forces
90 # 1785
The educational system of solving chosen beam structures
99 # 2056
Changes in topsoil properties due to Wheel pressure forces generated by tractor units
99 # 2068
The impact of work technique during timber cutting on vibrations and forces on I.C.E.-powered sawing machine grips
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