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109 # 2407
Using PLC controllers to build control systems in agricultural and food industry
117 # 2597
Use the PLC controllers as a control components of technological lines in the agri-food industries
125 # 2883
Computer analysis of the work of rectifiers used in the agricultural and food industry
151 # 3593
food industry, health and safety, awareness of employee, working conditions
156 # 3687
Modernization of the wastewater control system in the food industry
66 # 1279
The model of an associated energy source in food processing industry
81 # 194
Creating work safety culture in food industry plant
86 # 302
Waste management at the fruit product manufacturing plant
87 # 369
Waste management on the example of selected District Cooperative Creameries (OSM) of Małopolska
90 # 1796
Computer application of fatigue opinion among employee in food industry
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