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103 # 2183
Analysis of relationship between dielectric parameters and chemical properties of flour
120 # 2695
Using artificial neural networks to describe flour permittivity
122 # 2796
Impact of the configuration of the plastification system on selected features of extruded full-grain noodles
138 # 3252
The influence of impregnation and micronization of wheat before the milling process on flour extract
141 # 3344
Influence of various methods of preparing rye seed for grinding on flour extract and bran content
16 # 780
Study on physical properties of the flours from various plant materials
60 # 1571
The compassion assessment baker’s worth wheat and rye flour
69 # 841
Correcting the results of model testing on edible liquids obtained by tube rheometer
93 # 1853
A comparative assessment of baking value of wheat flour and german wheat flour
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