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10 # 1491
A method of designing machine set for crop production
10 # 1489
Effectiveness of mechanization on the farms of different ownership status
110 # 2417
Assessment of action exerted on soil by tractor unit wheels in farms
119 # 2668
Economic profitability of using heat pump as the heat source for residential building in the country
126 # 2913
Costs and profitability of biomass production using threeyear-old energy willow
131 # 3070
Technological and economic aspects of functioning of agricultural producers groups on the example of the "Eko-ferma"Eggs Producers
133 # 3035
Assessment of costs and energy consumption in the production of maize for the grain maize and silage
133 # 3032
Influence of stubble intercrop growing on spring barley production profitability
143 # 3375
Economic and ecological aspects of ethanol production in small agricultural distilleries
145 # 3429
Analysis of profitability of maize production desig-nated for silage as a substrate for a biogas plant
146 # 3449
Economic and ecology analysis of using a heat pump for heating garden facilities
21 # 499
The Pearsons and Hellinger’s statistics in the X2 test of independence and the X2 test of fit goodness
45 Tom I # 1114
Efficiency of constructed wetlands in wastewater treatment from small slaughterhouses
45 Tom I # 1092
The changes in the efficiency of pollution removal in soil-plant wastewater treatment in 1995-2002
64 # 739
Reproduction of the functionality of resting connection of rolling bearings
66 # 1319
Cost level and mechanization efficiency in selected Polish and German farms
66 # 1290
Economic assessment of mulch-sown sugar beet
80 # 137
A problem of fitting a common curve for two replications on example of sprouting process of corn seeds stimulated with magnetic field
80 # 174
Costs and profitability of sugar beet production
86 # 304
Level and dynamics of changes in outfit and usage of farm tractors on family farmsteads
88 # 437
Function relations between farmers age and life of tractors used in the farmstead
88 # 432
Technical means of work in farmsteads with different level of adaptation to farm and environmental requirements
88 # 450
Transport outlays in the analyzed family farmsteads
90 # 1800
Method of assessing profitability of providing services connected with mineral fertilization of corn cultivations
91 # 1740
Analysis of tractor – machine sets in farms of podlaskie province with respect to soil compaction
91 # 1759
Costs of the different fertilization techniques in cultivation winter wheat
91 # 1748
The influence of herbicides on yield of selected winter wheat cultivars
99 # 2016
Affect of type of agricultural tractor-machine outfit on soil compaction in the arable layer
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