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10 # 1491
A method of designing machine set for crop production
10 # 1500
Analysis of farm machine market on an example of Miechów commune
10 # 1496
Application of factor analysis in studies on technical equipment of the farms
10 # 1495
Effectivenes of technical work equipment on the family farms
10 # 1489
Effectiveness of mechanization on the farms of different ownership status
10 # 1490
Investigation of mechanization services in Dobczyce
10 # 1499
Market of transport services as lightened by the results of regional studies
10 # 1493
Multiplicity of field operations on selected farms in Dobczyce Commune
10 # 1492
Reproductive value of machinery park and costs of mechanization of family farms
10 # 1497
Scientific-technical progress and its effectiveness versus labour consumption in agricultural production on the mountain farms
100 # 2103
Attempt to evaluate the sustainability of agricultural production processes
100 # 2105
Income sources and the level of farm mechanization
100 # 2077
Statistical analysis for farm tractors servicing in the aspect of the distance from the company location
100 # 2080
Technical equipment for work process in various farm types
100 # 2078
Warranty and post-warranty service to farm tractors as the post-transaction elements of the logistic customer service
102 # 2148
A method for valuation and assessment of the quality of farm machines
102 # 2163
Effect of the technical development of the working process on the direct surplus in family farms
102 # 2137
Effects of the agricultural land area and farmer’s education on the means of acquiring information on selected farms of Little Poland province
102 # 2143
Farm machines and their age, and the interest In purchasing new machines shown by farmers in central and eastern Poland
102 # 2164
Method for determining forces acting on a tractor In cooperation with a suspended tool
103 # 2181
Changes in technical equipment in selected farms after Poland accession to the European Union
103 # 2204
Comparative studies on methods used to take agricultural machinery out of service
103 # 2207
Environmental risk related to agricultural sector activity (preliminary research on the example of poultry farm and feed production plant in Klimontów)
103 # 2184
Predictive diagnostics for farm tractors
103 # 2226
Research verifying the opinion concerning possibility to heat water in pools for fish by means of heating air in a building
104 # 2234
Effectiveness of searching out the information relating to agriculture engineering in the internet
104 # 2243
Evaluation of straw production and the potential for straw use for heating on the example of Żywiec District
104 # 2239
Packaging management in farms
104 # 2237
Possession and use of selected technical means of production on fruitgrowing farms depending on area of arable land
104 # 2229
Situation of agriculture in the Opolskie Region in the context of agricultural-food industry requirements
104 # 2253
The amount of agriculture information sources compared to farm possession of technical means of production
104 # 2256
The use of machine stock production capacity at selected fruit-growing farms
105 # 2284
The research on dependence between operating costs of farm tractors, machines and equipment and time of their annual utilization on the example of gully emptiers
105 # 2272
The use of computers in selected familyoperated farms in the Lubelszczyzna Region
107 # 2326
107 # 2298
Comparison of methods applied to acquire information concerning agricultural machinery in farms in Małopolskie Voivodship
107 # 2300
Indexes that characterise farm tractors suitability for operation in mountainous terrains
107 # 2329
Specification of general design requirements for farm machines. Part II. Harvest machines
107 # 2310
Technical and functional characteristics compared to the value of selected technical means of production in agriculture
107 # 2303
Technical condition of farm tractors in a high productivity farm
107 # 2297
The demand for computer applications in agriculture on the example of farms in Małopolskie Voivodship
108 # 2364
Measures for evaluation of economic and technical determinants in farms
108 # 2340
Outlays for technical means compared to the income in selected farms of the Lubelszczyzna region
108 # 2348
Production intensity compared to equipping and use of selected engineering means of production in orchard farms
108 # 2357
Work and soil productivity in selected boroughs of Małopolskie Voivodship
109 # 2382
Comparison of internet use in farms depending on agricultural production system introduced in each of the farms
109 # 2397
Using the CCD cameras to control operation of agricultural machinery working units
110 # 2417
Assessment of action exerted on soil by tractor unit wheels in farms
110 # 2449
Economic life-span of farms versus possession of engineering means of production
110 # 2447
Energy evaluation of conventional and ecological buckwheat growing technologies
110 # 2442
Examination of unscrewing moment values for screw joints protected with temporary anticorrosive protection agents
114 # 2497
Analysis of compliance with the EU directives concerning requirements set for dairy farms
114 # 2489
Evaluation of milk cooling systems as equipment in farms
115 # 2549
The impact of farm conditions on the selection of agricultural machinery for cattle production
115 # 2555
The mechanisation efficiency in farms with ecologically balanced agricultural production
115 # 2560
The modelling of complex production system – relation model of fruit farm
117 # 2569
After-warranty repairs of farm trac-tors as an element of an authorised distribution system
117 # 2578
Assessment of energy parameters for John Deere 6820 farm tractor carried out using on-board diagnostics
117 # 2580
Combine harvesters in family-operated farms in the Lublin district
117 # 2570
Distribution of demand for service surveys of farm tractors in the aspect of agrotechnical dates
117 # 2601
Economic viability level for farms in Poland
117 # 2593
Investments in machinery in selected farms in lower Silesia region
117 # 2594
Machine services in selected farms in Lower Silesia region
117 # 2591
Means of work costs and production process balance level for farms
117 # 2590
Scale effectiveness in farms with mechanised work process
117 # 2602
The impact of co-financing from the European Union on technological modernisation of farms in Poland
118 # 2610
An Artificial Neural Networks-based method for assessing technical and constructional modernity of farm tractors. Part I: Method guidelines
118 # 2612
Assessment of engine oil condition in farm tractors
118 # 2638
Assessment of the use of information technologies in selected farms in Zachodniopomorskie voivodship
118 # 2609
Catalogue of farm machines and vehicles “Maszyny-3”
118 # 2611
Employing an author’s method for determining values of parameters for modern technical systems in ploughs and field spraying machines
118 # 2643
Management conditions in selected farms located in Małopolskie Voivodship with favourable agrarian structure
118 # 2624
Production trend and simplification, and the number of farm buildings in farms
118 # 2636
Tractor use monitoring – wirelss data transmision
119 # 2681
Analysis of farm tractors possession for selected farms specialised in milk cattle breeding
119 # 2651
Assessment of tyre tread protrusion wear in the aspect of farm tractors traction capacity
119 # 2676
Demand for mechanisation services in individual farms located in Wysokie Mazowieckie administrative district
119 # 2661
Information affecting the decision concerning the purchase of engineering equipment in farms in Małopolskie Voivodship
119 # 2655
Technical and operating assessment of cultivation and maintenance tools used in small farms
120 # 2715
Acquisition of agricultural information and the amount of European Union funds used by farms for technical investments
120 # 2701
Ploughshare distribution logistics
120 # 2693
Working life lengths for tractors and machines in selected family-owned farms in lubelskie voivodship
121 # 2758
Effectiveness of using the EU means by farms on the example of selected programmes
121 # 2730
Information and machine stock management in selected farms in Małopolska Region
121 # 2731
Method allowing to assess technical and constructional modernity of farm tractors with the use of Artificial Neural Networks. Part II: Neural models for farm tractor modernity assessment
121 # 2732
Method allowing to assess technical and constructional modernity of farm tractors with the use of Artificial Neural Networks. Part III: Method application examples
121 # 2737
Possession of technical means of production and their use in vegetable farms differing in area
121 # 2740
Rational management of reserves in farmers’ opinion
122 # 2795
Preliminary evaluation of development of semisubsistence farms in years 2005-2008
122 # 2785
Provision of technical equipment to orchard producers group
122 # 2763
Use of information sources in farms of the Małopolska region with various sorts of production
123 # 2806
Agricultural type of farms versus labour resources and possession of technical means
123 # 2831
Analysis of mechanisation services in ecological farms
123 # 2810
Growth of additional business activity in farms in the EU
123 # 2803
Multi-phase injection of fuel for compression-ignition engines equipped with an in-line injection pump
123 # 2834
Production effi-ciency in individual farms united in fruit-growing manufacturers’ group
123 # 2809
Technical equipment of farms vs. Aid obtained from the European Union’s funds
123 # 2832
The analysis of mechanisation services on organic farms
123 # 2818
Work productivity in ecological farms specializing in milk production
124 # 2850
Criteria for suppliers’ selection in farms
124 # 2852
Economic size of farms and the value of acquired direct subsidies versus production orientation
125 # 2863
Method of estimating parameters for the process of planned technical maintenance of agricultural machinery
125 # 2871
Modernization of machine work technologies in selected family farms
125 # 2868
Replacement value of machinery vs. the amount of subsidy from the european union
125 # 2891
The use of stochastic programming models for optimizing the structure of production in farms of various size
126 # 2906
Agricultural equipment possession assessment for selected farms specialised in milk production
126 # 2900
Labour expenditure in farms of different economic size
129 # 2959
Changes in power equipment in the selected family farms
129 # 2939
Employing the „RSPmech” application to assess the level of use for tractors in RSP Rostkowice
129 # 2936
Evaluation of sugar beet crops in the aspect of employed production technology and farm location
129 # 2951
Wear of selected farm tractor types
130 # 3005
Problem statement of wind energy issues on the farm
131 # 3058
Assumptions for a design of application, which would support reporting in ecological farms
131 # 3093
Programme for registration support and assessment of technological processes
131 # 3070
Technological and economic aspects of functioning of agricultural producers groups on the example of the "Eko-ferma"Eggs Producers
131 # 3067
Use of computer technology in family farms
132 # 3101
Assessment of technical means of production resources on organic farms
132 # 3113
Conditionings of organic agricultural production subsidizing during the accession period 2007-2013
132 # 3104
Farming conditions versus the size and structure of herd on organic farms
132 # 3099
The level and structure of means of transport and loader resources on organic farms
133 # 3051
Analysis of the machinery park infrastructure of farms united in a producers' group oriented on milk production
133 # 3027
Optimisation of technical infrastructure of the selected farms with the use of OTR-7 programme
134 # 3119
Analysis of horticultural farm transformation including some technical aspects
134 # 3126
Assessment of the use of farm tractors in family farms
134 # 3116
Influence of some factors on age of tractors and farm machines in the selected farms of the middle-Eastern Poland
134 # 3141
Possible applications of renewable energy sources in agricultural famrs and in rural boroughs
136 # 3175
A farmer\'s education in comparison to an index of educational and technical development and an efficiency index of development
136 # 3162
Application of information and communications technologies (ICT) in the selected agricultural farms of Podlaskie Voivodeship
136 # 3174
Characteristic of the selected agricultural producer's properties in examining scientific and technological development
136 # 3165
Level and structure of stocks costs depending on the distance of agricultural farms from supply markets
136 # 3170
The Internet as a source of knowledge necessary for running an agricultural farm
136 # 3151
Traction assessment of universal farm tractor tyres
137 # 3217
Analysis of using renewable energy in rural farms
137 # 3221
Characteristics of technical equipment and technology of farming in ecological farms
137 # 3203
Evaluation of intensity of technical means use in the selected ecological farms
137 # 3227
Farm models as data source for the optimization of energy crop production in the commune
137 # 3209
Technical equipment of the selected ecological farms oriented to milk production
139 # 3260
Comparison of the selected errors of an agricultural aggregate crossings driven manually and automatically
139 # 3271
Condition and use of a machinery park in ecological farms of a varied area and structure of arable lands
139 # 3296
Efficiency of agricultural ecological production in relation to the production orientation of a farm
139 # 3288
Equipping farms in tractors in the years 1996-2010
139 # 3273
Influence of the power installed in farm tractors on the size of plant production in ecological farms
139 # 3272
Relations between the number of tractors and mobile transport means and the size of production in ecological farms
139 # 3274
Storing infrastructure and its use in the selected agricultural farms in the southern Poland
139 # 3268
Technical means of work in the selected family farms of varied degree of balancing
139 # 3261
The concept of „e-maintenance” in the system of farm machines and vehicles maintenance
139 # 3298
Wind power stations as a form of increasing the farm income
140 # 3315
Level of equipment with the machinery park and activities related to supporting ecological farms with the EU funds
140 # 3305
Mechanisation costs in family farms of varied production
140 # 3317
Modernisation plans of equipping the selected farms with tractors
140 # 3308
Potential of using renewable energy sources and plans for future in ecological farms in farmers'opinions
140 # 3318
Productivity and marketability in relation to technical equipment of organic farms
143 # 3381
Analysis of potential selection decisions of tractors made by the farm owners
143 # 3387
Diversity of additional activity in the selected ecological farms
143 # 3374
Packaging waste management on the example of the selected farm located in the southern Poland
145 # 3404
Analysis of the use of specialistic computer programmes in agricultural farms of Łomżyński province
145 # 3413
Degree of sustainability of milk farms in the aspect of ecological assessment
145 # 3411
Impact of investments in agricultural farms on the improvement of farmers' safety
145 # 3397
New tools for the mechanical control of weeds in organic crops
146 # 3435
Analysis of realization of planned technical service of farm tractors
146 # 3457
Logistics of supply of agricultural farms in the selected production means
146 # 3450
Plant production and labour efficiency in the selected agricultural farms
147 # 3507
Power installed and balance of nutrients in the selected ecological farms
147 # 3510
Technological and organizational aspects of combining agricultural production for food and energy
148 # 3526
Parity family income in family farms of diverse areas
149 # 3551
Annual use as a criterion of selection of the form of use of a grain combine harvester
150 # 3559
Analysis of data of organic farms with the use of non-standard reports in Gekko software
150 # 3556
Application of plano RS software in a farm
150 # 3572
Dynamics of organic farming development and its subsidizing
150 # 3557
Implementation of precise farming technique on the example of a multi-surface agricultural farm
150 # 3562
Model solutions of distribution logistics with regard to organic products
150 # 3563
Operating costs and the use of manufacturing capacities of the machinery park in organic farms
150 # 3573
Preconditions for modelling plant production technology in vegetable organic farms
150 # 3564
Replacement value of farm buildings and costs of their operation in organic farms
152 # 3618
Characteristic and efficiency of operation of the unit for non-plough soil cultivation and the cultivation and sowing unit in conditions of the eastern european part of Russia
152 # 3611
Comparative analysis of wind speed short term forecasts for wind farms
152 # 3626
Efficiency in the use of agricultural technique
152 # 3617
Intensity of production organization compared to the work factor in family farms
152 # 3605
Providing milk agricultural farms with the production means
155 # 3675
Assessment of the repair infrastructure efficiency with regard to maintenance of farm machines
155 # 3670
Effect of the peppermint (Mentha piperita L.) compaction process on the content of essential oils
156 # 3689
Analysis of changes in the area and number of farms in Wielkopolskie and Malopolskie voivodeship
18 # 1538
Agro-technical consequences of the positioning of objects by satellite and of field microcartography by computer
18 # 1522
The use of TV transmission as a method of monitoring farm machines' components
19 # 1011
Costs and eftectiveness of mechanization on the farms of vegetabie produetion of various intensity
19 # 999
Effectiveness of scientific-technical progress on selected farms localizedin in the southern Poland
19 # 1012
Selection of concentrate feed mixers for feeding pigs
19 # 987
Some problems of precision farming
19 # 1000
Tendendes of changes in agricultural production system and mechanization level on selected farms
19 # 1006
The level of equipment and services versus the costs of farm mechanization
19 # 1020
Usefulness of selectad forest tree species in integrated utilizat of the mountain pastures
21 # 498
Collective using of the technical means in agriculture of Poland and other European countries
21 # 469
Costs of mechanization on selected family farms
21 # 485
Milk performance of the dairy herd and technical equipment of the farm
28 # 1600
The preliminary evocation of wastewater disposal in agriculture and tourist areas of the upper part of the Dunajec catchments
31 # 1682
Computer technique in investigations economics and optimization of mechanization of agricultural farms
31 # 1689
Measuring of soil electrical conductivity for mapping of spatial variability of soil properties within a field
33 # 677
Inergy consumption and profitability in the use of the green manuers of potato fertiiization
35 # 905
Precision farming - soil's electrical conductivity mapping
36 # 1046
Agrotourist standards in the country of the based on Germany and Austria
41 # 557
Method of estimation of influence of highway on value of farming grounds- exactitude of estimation of surface of used and of classes of grounds
41 # 551
The condition of technical infrastructure and management of grounds in the area of motorway influence
45 Tom I # 1084
Transformation in agriculture and agricultural engineering as well as in manegement of rural areas
51 # 1639
A genekalized linear model as a tool of testing technical progress
51 # 1652
Claculative temperatures in the classical method of balancing heat in frm building
51 # 1621
Metchods of evaluating operations of modernised family farms
51 # 1644
Potato agricultural technology leyer eyelauation in Ksiaz Wielki commune
52 # 796
Barriers in commencing group machine utilization by fanners
52 # 803
Logistic costs in selected farms
52 # 821
Quality system in obtaining milk
52 # 805
Quantity of agricultural production versus work consumption on farms in Małopolska region
52 # 795
Technical equipment in small family farms
52 # 797
The number of members in a collective group in a case of collective utilization of agricultural machines in the opinion of farmers
52 # 798
Type of production and the size of transportation and equipment with transportation vehicles
52 # 809
Types of works and time expenditure of women labour in a farm household
53 # 584
Basket willow - as energetic plant
56 # 525
Actual situation and perspectives of electric energy management in the country
56 # 522
Developing of agricultural machines to meet the requirements of sustainable agriculture
56 # 523
Ecological aspects of precision farming
56 # 530
Equipment of polish agriculture with technical means of production - actual state and prognosis of development until 2020
61 # 1171
Farm building with a positve energy balance
63 # 1336
Modeling process of farm tractor use in Western Pomerania region
66 # 1310
Chosen aspects of shared utilization of machines
66 # 1319
Cost level and mechanization efficiency in selected Polish and German farms
66 # 1304
Effect of some factors on the amount and structure of electric power consumption in rural households
66 # 1302
Implementing innovations in farm machinery refurbishment using knowledge engineering methods
66 # 1313
Mechanization cost in farms of various economic size
66 # 1282
Method of corrected, average price in farm tractor appraisal
66 # 1281
Pair comparison methodology employed for estimating the value of a farm tractor
66 # 1286
Program supporting assessment of mechanization investments
66 # 1292
Tendencies of changes in parameters of farm tractors
67 # 916
Arable area of farms vs. operational and economic indices of the stock of machines
67 # 920
Availability and usage of loading machinery based on the example of farms in Podkarpackie Voivodeship
67 # 917
Relationships between farm arable area and operational and economic indices of stock of machines
67 # 930
Technical equipment and its changes in farms of up to 10 ha
68 # 1384
Computer aided decision making system at purchasing tractors and agricultural machines
68 # 1370
Identification of the factors limiting development of computer application on the farms
68 # 1372
Information systems for the enterprises of technical farm service
68 # 1373
Knowledge base to selection of welding equipment for agricultural machinery workshop
70 # 1188
Global positioning system and chances to introduce it in Polish agriculture
70 # 1227
Mechanization of production in a ground nurseries of mycorrhizae seedlings for afforestation of former farmlands
74 # 1274
Informational system in farm determined by computer science demands
77 # 37
Analysis of milk production technology and effectiveness in an ecological farm
78 # 72
Analysis of some indices of technical development in Polish dairy farms
78 # 47
The adapting of an offer for farming machines to users’ expectations – manufacturers’ opinions
78 # 60
The Method of Creating a Replacing Cycle of the Engine Load in Farm Vehicles the Example on the Farm Tractor U 912
80 # 163
Energy expenses on farms with different economical size
80 # 156
Information technologies in the farm management advisory systems
80 # 180
Production potential compared with technical equipment of agricultural farms
81 # 184
Investments in technical facilities in family farms
84 # 45
Decision Support System for farm enterprises
86 # 342
Characteristics of farmsteads as users of electric energy
86 # 308
Economic aspects of production mechanization in selected fruit-growing farmsteads
86 # 297
ethod of Forecasting technical parameter values of state--of-the-art farm machines. Part No I. Forecasting technique for farm tractor parameters
86 # 311
Impact of the region and farmstead size on machinery outfit
86 # 304
Level and dynamics of changes in outfit and usage of farm tractors on family farmsteads
86 # 298
Method of Forecasting technical parameter values of state-of-the-art farm machines. Part II. Neural models for setting out farm tractor parameters
86 # 337
Potential to use renevable energy sources in a selected individual farm
86 # 310
Production and agricultural character of the region versus level of technical infrastructure in farmsteads
87 # 388
Empirical verification of methodical guidelines for determination of progress and its efficiency
87 # 381
Farmers’ cooperation in agricultural work mechanization
87 # 387
Methodical aspects for determining scientific and technical progress in agriculture
87 # 399
The analysis of production output in a family farm, carried out using a neural network
88 # 438
Costs and forms of farmstead transport service
88 # 426
Costs of exploitation of machines in the structure of plant production costs in the selected farm company
88 # 436
Effect of owner's age on power installed in the farmsteads
88 # 435
Farmstead owner's age versus reconstruction value of the machine park
88 # 437
Function relations between farmers age and life of tractors used in the farmstead
88 # 434
Influence of using farm machines on the costs of mechanization in farmsteads with different area size
88 # 459
Optimization of logistics costs as an aiding tool for well-balanced development of farm companies
88 # 458
Possibility of the solar energy utilization in farms of lublin region
88 # 455
Power and material outlays in the aspect of well-balanced farm production
88 # 444
Scanner for analyzing lateral distribution of stream of flat jet sprayers
88 # 432
Technical means of work in farmsteads with different level of adaptation to farm and environmental requirements
88 # 415
The development of forms of collectiv using machines in agriculture of west germany
88 # 450
Transport outlays in the analyzed family farmsteads
90 # 1775
Informaton system used in agricultural advisory service in the conntry
91 # 1740
Analysis of tractor – machine sets in farms of podlaskie province with respect to soil compaction
91 # 1756
Means of mechanization in polish agriculture on the background of selected European Union countries
94 # 1876
Economic aspects of field production engineering and cultivation of covered crops for selected vegetables
94 # 1873
Evaluation of soil spatial moisture pattern based on electric conductivity maps
95 # 1899
Concept for substitution of primary energy by renewable energy obtained from waste biomass in a selected agricultural farm
95 # 1912
Period of operation and use of utilities in family farms
95 # 1930
Polish terminology in agricultural engineering
96 # 1947
Identification of measurement spots for loads upon farm tractor drive shaft housing
96 # 1950
Package management as the basic element of logistic infrastructure of agricultural farms
96 # 1951
Possession and utilization of transport facilities in farms engaged in various agricultural production types
96 # 1965
The impact of material and energy expenditure on the ecological effect of management in agriculture
97 # 1991
Production costs at developmental farms in Małopolska
97 # 2003
The use of potential production capacities of machine stock in ecological farms
99 # 2024
Analysis of farm production development on an ex ample of advisory service in selected province at East Poland
99 # 2058
Characteristics of topsoil layers damage during wood skidding with farm tractors in thinning pine-stands
99 # 2033
Method allowing to determine coordinates of suspended tool position in relation to farm tractor during its operation
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