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111 # 2466
The analysis of expansion ways for seeds and vegetables and fruit using water phase transition method
139 # 3267
Comparison of expansion of briquettes made of straw with addition of polyethylene as a binding agent
150 # 3578
Identification of extrusion process parameters based on its response to the step function
80 # 167
Impact of insulation properties on the process of seed expansion in hot air stream
80 # 166
Impact of the seed size on the necessary pneumatic tube length in the process of seed expansion
82 # 258
Influence of air humidity on heat exchange in the process of thermal expansion of sedes in a stream of hot air
82 # 259
Influence of air humidity on values that decide of product quality in thermal expansion of seeds in a hot air stream
82 # 245
The influence of buckwheat supplement on the properties of maize extrudate
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