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103 # 2207
Environmental risk related to agricultural sector activity (preliminary research on the example of poultry farm and feed production plant in Klimontów)
110 # 2440
Reduction of animal production impact on environment
136 # 3157
Innovativeness in ecological animal production
150 # 3556
Application of plano RS software in a farm
151 # 3579
Determination of the environmental impact of a new biomass logistics chain
36 # 1050
Analysis of concentration and location of selected environmental hazards in South-East Poland
41 # 573
The community funds of environment protection as a source of financing ecological village terrain areas infrastructure
45 Tom I # 1106
Ecological, legal and planning problems of afforestation in the rural areas
45 Tom I # 1101
Environmental protection activity in Sułkowice commune
45 Tom I # 1118
The ecological production in the agriculture in the Kieleccczyzna region
52 # 802
Agricultural production extensification through agricultural environmental program (forecast for the south of Poland)
60 # 1543
The organic pollination influence on the dynamics of kinematics wapour motional-reversal oscillations
69 # 825
Changes in colour parameters of anthocyanin solutions while heating
81 # 196
Recycling as a landmark of technological and economic progress in agricultural engineering
88 # 432
Technical means of work in farmsteads with different level of adaptation to farm and environmental requirements
91 # 1738
Barriers and benefits at to apply for The European Union Funds from SPO WKP for business on pro-environmental investment
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