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110 # 2420
Application for agriculture in installed version and on-line (Internet) version on the example of the “Plantene” and “Plantene-2” application
115 # 2546
Using the RRSB model to predict separation of mixture used for production of pellets and briquettes
120 # 2692
Constructional design of a machine for harvesting energy plants grown without rows
131 # 3060
Cup plant Silphium Perfoliatum L. – biomass source for biofuels production
132 # 3107
Quality assessment for briquettes made of biomass from maple [Acer Negundo L.] and black locust [ Robinia Pseudoacacia L.]
133 # 3037
Determination of water diffusion coefficient in wood biomass depending on water and temperature content
136 # 3159
Assessment of the selected parameters of biomass obtained from a plantation of fast-growing trees
136 # 3168
Unit effective power required for cutting biogas energy plants
136 # 3176
Willow-leaved sunflower Helianthus Salicifolius A. Dietr. for energy purposes
28 # 1582
Renewable energy in forming of technical and communal infrastructure of the countryside
86 # 326
Labour inputs and costs of topinambour growing
97 # 1979
The use of biomass for production of electric energy and heat in the Czech Republic
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